INfleur Newbie: Interview with Valentina Franco

Every week, INfleur presents one newbie to the influencer game. This week, we interview Valentina Franco, a young rising fashion-travel blogger. Living in Cologne, Valentina is more talented than you’d imagine. Aside being a blogger, she is a very talented musician. She writes and sings too! Her blog  is still in its initial phase but looks so promising. Lets learn more about Val, shall we?

INfleur: Why do you want to be an influencer/blogger, out of so many
professions in the world?

Val: It’s always been one of my goals to reach a large number of people and to share my life with them. Fashion & lifestyle always played a very important role in my life. That’s why I want to use these niches combined with a professional portfolio in
order to gain exposure and create a blog. You could say it’s my passion I want to
turn into my profession. In my opinion, I’d say that it’s the perfect way to go for me,
as it’s something I love and I doubt that it could become monotonous. Especially
regarding the fact that there’s a variety of things which can be included within the
blog: Travel, Fashion, Cars and many more things. Sure, collaborations with big
fashion brands etc. were also one of the reasons I started to do this, but I definitely
know that it takes a lot of time to get things going when starting such a business.
After all, I’d say that it’s pretty much a passion I want to follow and not just the
commercial aspect.

INfleur: Who inspires you in terms of your choice of blog?

Val: There’s a blogger calledCarmushka who inspired me and made me start my very
own blog. She’s always been an idol for me regarding the fashion & lifestyle niche.
Somehow I started to play with the thought of becoming a blogger and after a few
weeks of work I can definitely say: 2018’s gonna be my year!

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INfleur:  What are some challenges you’ve faced so far?

Val: Seriously: Who would’ve thought that being a model is just such an exhausting job?
My photographer and I were working for up to 14 hours a day for the past couple of
weeks. After 15.000 images we’ve taken, I had to manage all my clothes and my
partner had to retouch the photographs. It’s been a hard task for the both of us.
Sometimes there’s also been some conflicts between us as we didn’t always agree
on a solution which suits both of us.

INfleur:  We see you love music. Who are your favorite artists? Do you make music yourself? What do you normally sing about?

Val: My favourite artist is definitely Susanne Sundfør. I am a singer/songwriter and I
already published a few songs. “Runaway” by Halcyon, featuring myself was one of
the most successful creations. My songs are either about love or simply pop songs
that use vocals in order to achieve a nice sound. There’s not too much depth within
the text, if instrumentals are mainly in use. If there’s a focus on the lyrics then there’s
a lot of work involved in order to not only bring across a few words, but emotions.
That’s what music is all about. That’s what art in general, in my opinion, is all about.

My songs are either about love or simply pop songs
that use vocals in order to achieve a nice sound. 

INfleur: Very well, there are so many blogs out there, what would make yours stand out?

Val: My partner and I are definitely trying to keep a very high quality throughout the
portfolio. Using DSLRs with portrait lenses and post-processing programs that
allow us to manipulate the images allow us to create high quality material we are
able to upload later on. There’s the raw material on one side: Location, outfit &
photography technique. Afterwards there’s the post-processing: Color adjustments,
compositional manipulation and many other things we are involving in order to make
our material stand out when compared to many other ones. There’s lots of ambition
and financial resources involved in order to create a very professional appearance.

Years of experience within the social media sector and many other aspects form the mix that makes this blog unique.

Valentina Franco
INfleur: How far do you want to go as an influencer? What is the dream?

Val: The main goal is to be able to travel around the world and have sponsors in order to
gain some financial revenue. It’s gonna take a while until we are able to reach our
goal, but we’re very enthusiastic regarding our project and that’s why I think it’s
gonna work out. Fortunately, there’s not just the fact that I’m into fashion, but also
that I’m a professional singer. This way I’ll be able to reach my goal via multiple
ways. For me, there’s always more than just one talent needed in order to achieve
something nowadays.

INfleur:  We see your blog isn’t fully ready yet. When should we expect a
full takeoff?

Val: I told my partner that we’re going to start off within the next 3-4 months. YouTube, Instagram, 500px and my own website are going to be the main platforms we’re going to focus on. Later on we’ll also start to gain exposure on other platforms, like Twitter etc. With the music, fashion & lifestyle niches, there’s definitely going to be something that people would like to see and that’s going to bring the difference into our lives.

For me, there’s always more than just one talent needed in order to achieve

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