INfleur Newcomer Alert- Meet young Influencer, Luis Kircher

INfleur presents yet another newcomer to the Brand Influencer game. His name is Luis Kircher and is from the great nation of Germany. Now talk about fashion, travel, lifestyle, fitness, sports or even interior design, Luis is the guy for you! He’s been around for a while and he always proves how much ‘being yourself’ can take you far in the industry. So sit back and enjoy this profile on Luis.

Luis is a vibrant guy from Fulda, Germany. As a child, he had dreams of being a soccer player. Yet as he grew up, plans changed. Now, he’s still in school to get a diploma. “In my childhood, I always wanted to become a professional football player. But because this is not my aspiration any more, I strive for the study in sports management”.
Still a fan of sports, Luis shares how he uses his leisure time on football. “I like to do lots of sport in my free-time. Another passion is Fashion”, he says. 

In 2017, Luis took a bold step in starting an Instagram account, simply to show his friends some fashion tips. Barely a year down the line, Luis now shares more than tips to just his friends, but also to a whole audience of 20K and over! Incredible! 
“I started my Instagram account to share some outfit ideas with my friends. But today, I am glad to present to a community with more than 20.000 followers”.

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His love for photography and media, sparked the ‘influencer spirit’ in him. For him, being an influencer “is a great way to share my way of life with people who are interested and I am always happy to inspire others by sharing new ideas and products. Since my childhood, I have had interest in photography, image editing and social media. For me these things are important aspects in life”. 
His focus, if you’ve been following, seems to be on fashion. “The main content on my account is fashion. But neverthertheless, I also tell about sports, interior and travel. Because, like I already said, I want to share my own way of life”, Luis explained. 

“Since my childhood, I have had interest in photography, image editing and social media. For me these things are important aspects in life”

INfleur Newcomer, Luis Kircher

Talking about his major inspirations, Luis mentioned Kosta Williams as his #1. “In relation to social media, my biggest role model is Kosta Williams. I can identify with his lifestyle. Kosta was one of the first biggest influencers in my country, Germany and he built his own business with blogging. He inspired me that much that I started my own account”.
Moving on, Luis doesn’t seem to be bothered about challenges. To him, being one’s self is always the key to overcoming anything. “There are always some people who say some silly proverbs but I get with it because I know that not everyone is like the way I am. It is important that you do not get confused between what other people say who you are and who you know you are”. 
He did admit one thing though- that starting as an influencer is expensive. Of course it was expensive at the beginning. But in my opinion, it’s worth the money and the time/work if you get so many happy messages and make new contacts with influencers or brands, after your inspired others”.


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As a response to how his brand will stand out among so many other influencers, Luis said: “It is really extreme how the amount of influencers grow and grow. Everyone has another story to tell. What I share on my account is me in real life. I just work with brands I identify with. In my opinion my young age is not a disadvantage – there is so much more to come and I have a lot of potential for the future…”
Plus, he hints on his plans for a blog. “Yeah, I think a blog is a great opportunity to communicate even more than just in social media. You can write more about plans, ideas, opinions, events, experiences, brands your work with and so on. That´s why I am already planning a blog. When it will be online I can not tell at the moment”.

However, Luis doesn’t say if he’s single or dating. Bummer!

Rather, he attributes some of his success so far to the support system his family provides. “My family is more than just supportive. I am very happy to have them. Without their important help I would not be there where I am, so I am very thankful”.

“It is important that you do not get confused between what other people say who you are and who you know you are”

Luis Kircher, 2018

To end his interview, Luis took a step into his future. His dream to be a successful influencer would be fulfilled if he could clock at least 100K followers.
“I think there isn’t a limit. I just want to inspire more and more people in the next years and maybe I can live because of blogging. But of course 100,000 followers would be a milestone and a statement”.

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