Influencer, 22, claims to earn $25,000 monthly, and is under fire for ‘bragging’!

This young American Influencer is under fire for her latest revelation. In a self-written article, the e-commerce entrepreneur disclosed how much she makes. On an average, she claims to earn $25,000-30,000 each month, and this has caused a stir on the internet!

One of the many reactions to the 22 year old’s article. Written anonymously on Refinery 29’s ‘Money Diaries’ series, the youngster also said she earns between $US300,000 and $US360,000 a year, from selling Chinese-made handbags online.

“Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar”

Moreover, the article allows writers to talk also about their weekly spending, in order to tally with their income streams. However, most readers felt the e-commerce influencer just used the platform to ‘brag’, than give any meaningful financial information.

She explains how she spends her money

“As of writing, I’ve made more than $600,000 in revenue this year”, she began. For her monthly expenses, the millennial says she spends a little over $1200 on rent. She also includes that she does not have any student loans to pay. She covers her cellphone, Wifi and Netflix bills with $254 a month.

“I try to put away as much as I can at the end of each month in a high-yield savings account — usually around $20,000.”

Furthermore, for the one week account of events, her largest expenditure was on day 3, where she splurged $707 on a navy blue Celine tote bag. She adds, however, that she might re-sell it in the fall, for profits. In all, that daily total came to $888.89!

The next total to come close was on day 7, when she got a couple of things off Amazon costing $203. “I place the Mango order I was mulling over earlier this week ($150) as well as an order on Zaful for bikinis ($53). The Amazon one fit really well! $203″

Other extravagant things the millennial paid for included a $95 dolphin excursion, and a pizza she gave to her roommates after she had “forgotten I ordered it”.

Bizarrely enough, on day two she describes paying $US7.53 for an Uber to and fro the store to buy $US12 worth of candy, but on day five a $US6 fare home is suddenly ‘too much’. “I ain’t a baller, so I take the subway home,” she writes.

In the end, her weekly cost amounted to $1,732.15, with her highest expenditure being $1,043.99 on clothes & beauty.

How did the internet take this? Your guess is as good as ours!

The article rubbed most people in the wrong way, with many viewing it as the 22-year old’s way of boasting. Again, readers complained that she offered very little information about how she ‘supposedly’ makes so much money.

“I have been a healthy living influencer of sorts on Instagram since high school”, the millennial said about her lifestyle.

“This seemed like one of those ‘I read a bot over 1000 hours of Money Diaries and asked it to write its own’ and this is the result,” one reader said.

“I wanted to stab my eyes with my $1.50 ballpoint pen when reading this,” another added on Twitter.

“A ‘healthy living influencer’ but didn’t work out once and ate mostly garbage?” one reader pointed out.

The little she said about her business also raised cause for concern. For instance, she says that on day 6, “I wake up at 8 and decide today is the day I will hire a customer service agent.”

Influencer, 22, claims to earn $25,000 every month–and is under fire for ‘bragging’!

“I’m sick of fielding upwards of 30 emails every day, and I post a job on Upwork. I find one guy I like and spend the day onboarding him. He installs some new software for me and my inbox and ticketing system are instantly more organized. Hooray for having someone else put out fires!,” she explained.

One baffled reader said, “You’re not making $50,000 a month and only handling 30 emails a day. I get 30 emails in an hour!”

Another asked, “Who decides to add an employee, finds a candidate, interviews, hires, and puts them to work all same day? Are we supposed to believe this? And if that’s how she manages business decisions then I have major side-eye at her claim to bring in several hundred thousand a year.”

All in all, many thought the entire story was fake, with the biggest red flag being the pizza she forgot she’d ordered.
Amanda Lucy


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