Influencer breaks up with hot girlfriend over video game?!

Now this is bizzare. One of the hottest women on the internet has just been dumped! And you would not believe the reason for this breakup! Her gaming obsessed boyfriend chose video games over her. Huh?


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Popular Mexican influencermodel and TV presenter, Yanet Garcia, is the victim of this ‘craziness’. She’s self-made with a banging body! Yanet is known for posting racy photos; and her favorite pose is ‘to show her butt’! Just one post from her on Instagram gets men drooling and leaving all sorts of lewd comments. Her amazing looks and success story has reeled in over 6.7M followers so far. She was even voted as Playboy’s “hottest weather fairy in the world”.

But for one totally absurd reason, the 26-year old is single now 🙁

Gaming influencer boyfriend leaves Yanet because of a video game

Believe it or not, this is a relationship that has lasted over three years. Douglas Martin (23) has been with Yanet all that while and their bond seemed inseparable. Also an influencer, Douglas is no stranger to fame. In fact, he has over 1.3M followers on IG and a million more subscribed to his Youtube channel. Most of his videos feature Yanet; he even posted a video recently about his plans to marry her! Bruh so what changed??

“I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

Point blank period! So here’s what happened: Douglas recently signed a contract to be a full-time gamer for “Call of Duty”. He’s playing in global tournaments now and barely has any time left for anything else. In a 10-minute long Youtube video, the pro gamer explains how this has been a lifelong dream. Martin is signed up to “Call of Duty World League”, and is apparently struggling to catch up– he missed out in the first stage.

Moreover, Martin admits that two of his girlfriends from the past actually dumped him because he spent too much time gaming. Now the tables have turned as he’s doing the dumping 🙁

He revealed that when Yanet needed to move to Mexico for work, he was in full support. But now that it’s his turn, he feels like they both cannot keep up. Bummer!

He went on to say that he needed to focus on playing “Call of Duty,” and would be playing the next iteration in the franchise, “Black Ops IV,” full-time while she was “doing that job over there.” Martin insists that it is what he wants to do and loves it more than anything else. Ouch!

Martin also posted a photo of the two on Instagram, wishing Yanet the very best

“I never thought I’d write a break-up post, but I feel like because of all the things we went through that I should. This girl is such an amazing, genuine person. The memories we had, for the good and the bad, will always be some of the best moments of my life…”, he captioned.

Meanwhile his followers are so mad; others are just trolling

“Ik damn well censor didn’t choose COD over yanet ?”, one fan said. “Went from “Marrying Yanet” video to “We broke up” video real fast”, another comment read. “Biggest L of the century”. “Yup!!! Try to have sex with your video game. Try to have a partner with your video game. Try to have love with your video game. Make sacrifices man. Life is not only money. Happiness and love first”. “If he loses tournament that would actually be hilarious and ironic”. 

“You can always play video games dumb*ss, you can’t always have a hot ass girl wt* is wrong with people”

 Yanet shared her emotions about the break-up in a tweet

Yanet is sad. In a tweet, she admitted she was “heartbroken” before thanking fans for support and then sharing a new picture showing off her famous rear.


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Hmm. What do you think about this breakup? Are Douglas’ reasons valid? Or you just don’t care? Leave thoughts below
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