Influencer couple respond to critics since going viral over cliff pose

Last week, popular influencer couple Kelly & Kody, were trending for the same old thing — a risky photo. The couple go by the handle @positravelty and are used to taking images with ‘dangerous’ poses. But this time, it looked a bit too much for the internet to handle. And after numerous comments and criticism,  the Instagram couple are saying “they thought they’d be understood”.


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The two lovebirds have been under fire before for the same reason

Once again, this Instagram couple is the center of attraction.

In April, Kelly & Kody went viral for a shoot in Bali, where Kody hung outside of a pool with only Kelly’s hold as a grip. It sparked an entire debate on the internet about how influencers would put themselves in danger just to trend.

However, the influencer couple explained that the shoot was a safe one — stating that they had safety measures in place, in case Kody fell.


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Now although the actions of these “professional world travellers, photographers, & models” shouldn’t shock us, a recent photo still did.

Users were not pleased after seeing photo of Kelly & Kody hanging off a cliff

On August 29, the couple posted another risky photo at Laguna Humantay, where Kelly held Kody by the arm, while she precariously dangles one leg off a cliff.

“We urge you to take a chance, to push past barriers of negativity and oppression of self fulfilment and paint the picture of who YOU want to be,” they wrote in the caption.


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“There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one. We know which side we would rather be on, do you?”, they captioned.

The picture gained more than 16,000 likes but thousands of angry comments as well.

“Which came first, the narcissism, or the stupidity?” one person asked in the comments.

“You’re just irresponsible beyond words encouraging other dumb attention seeking millennials to risk their lives for worthless validation in the form of idiotic social media likes.”

“Taking risks for a bit of internet attention, trying to compete other daredevils to produce the most risky pics. No one wants to see pics with some rocks splashed with a hint of brains. It may not seem risky to you but one small mistake is enough. At least show some responsibility to put a ‘….don’t do this at home’ warning,” a lengthier comment read.

“The problem is that pictures like these inspire people to do dangerous things. Quite a few people die every year from trying to get a great picture to post”


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In an interview with CNN, the influencer couple clarified things

Once word of their risky photo went out, CNN contacted Kelly & Kody for comments.

“We trust each other, and we would never do something that would put our lives at risk,” they told CNN.

“Following the Bali post we figured our love for perspective shots would be understood,” the couple said.

“Perspective shots like these simply avoid certain surrounding elements. As for this specific shot, it is the framing that creates the dramatic perspective,” they continued.

Adding that everyone is responsible for their own actions, Kelly and Kody said their  Instagram “will remain the same”.

“We will never live any moment of our lives concerned that someone, somewhere, ‘might’ one day copy us”


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Welp, okay!

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