Influencer from womb? Meet Insta star who is yet to be born

Talk about ‘generational influencing’! A baby who’s yet to be born already has a job waiting for it. Influencer Lauren Luyendyk, is due in June but like every business-minded person, has thought ahead. And it looks like her plans are working well as Baby Luyendyk’s account has more than 230,000 followers!


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35 weeks old! I’m the size of a honeydew melon! I’ve been googling a bit and apparently I just have a little more baby fat to put on and I’m outta here! ✌🏼 So little fact, I haven’t turned upside down yet which isn’t half bad. I mean who wants to hang upside down for weeks on end? I think Mom has been trying my to flip me over, because there is a lot of moving around going on in here… She calls it shaking the apple tree? I’m a melon now Mom, get it right! Anyway, this week they had a party for me. Mom and I had a lot of cupcakes. Sugar is awesome! Can’t wait to try on all of the new outfits I got.💁🏼‍♀️ Already have a great start on my bow collection. I think I might have as many bows as mom has shoes. Impressive, right? Feeling very loved! Well, gotta go! Talk to you guys again next week!❤️ #35weekspregnant

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From inception, baby Luyendyk has always been a boss

Whew! Nothing is surprising these days! A baby, or safe to say a fetus, is already securing the bag.

When Halston Blake Fisher wasn’t even born yet, she was the apple of Instagram’s eye. With over 41,000 likes on her ‘coming soon’ post, and 120,000 followers, we thought no one could top that. But we were wrong…

Soon to-be-born Baby Luyendyk was left with no choice when influencer parents, Arie and Lauren ushered it into the family business. And even though he/she isn’t yet here to break records, it has. 261,000 followers and an average of 30K likes a post, Luyendyk is coming for it all.


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Kid influencing is the new trend

Influencer marketing has grained ground and everyone is involved these days. Adults, children, the disabled, animals, and even computer-generated ‘virtual influencers’, are all trying to get a piece of this new marketing pie.

“Inspired by the likes of the Ramsays, the Beckhams, Jools Oliver and heiress Tamara Ecclestone, all of whom regularly juxtapose Instagram shots of their children with plugs for their respective businesses, now more and more parents are attracted to the idea of raking in some cash (or at least freebies) while also spending time with their child”, Daily Mail wrote.

Meanwhile a debate is ongoing as to whether children should have a choice in these matters. Some people think that it’s unfair to use babies and kids for “business”, accusing parents of selling their offspring to the world.

But can you blame them? Father of Halston Blake, for instance, said to the NY times that his kids “complete the package.” Being an influencer himself, it’s easy for Kyler Fisher to know the difference.  Since his five children came around, their joint YouTube channel has seen nothing but great success — with one ad going for as high as $50,000.

Now it’s hard to watch all that money go by; after all you have the right to decide some things until they’re of age right? Besides, being a kid influencer comes with lots of freebies as mom of child blogger, Ralphie, revealed. So far, his activities as an influencer had bagged him over 200 free outfits, toys, furniture and even free family vacations.


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Oh Ralphie I love you to Infinity and beyond! 🚀😍💫 Space Outfit by @cribstar_official Ralphie wears age 2-3yrs #ad

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Influencer from womb? Meet Insta star who is yet to be born

All the same, we cannot deny how interesting baby Luyendyk’s Instagram is. With the tagline, “Hi from the womb, see you guys soon!”, the account is set up to look like the fetus is really talking to us.

Every other week it grows, the fetus tells us what it’s been through. For instance, when it was 16 weeks old, it said “This week I’m the size of an avocado 🥑 Things are going well in here, my little heart is busy pumping 6.6 liters of blood a day and my hairline is starting to form. How funny would it be if I came out with grey hair like my dad?”


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June is around the corner, and we cannot wait for baby Luyendyk to be born!

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