Influencer, Vanessa Blumenthal, has to pay 55,000 euros for not marking ads

The Social Competition Association (VSW) of Germany is suing this influencer for 55,000 euros! Vanessa Blumenthal is a lifestyle and travel influencer, who has over 316,000 followers–and her own blog. So why is she in court?


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Well it turns out the blogger did some hidden advertisements on Instagram. According to the VSW, Vanessa has used some of her photos to advertise places,without tagging them as ‘ads’. And this–termed as ‘unfair competition’, is a crime.

But is the blogger on the same page?

The travel influencer insists that she did no wrong. She’s a big shot on Instagram with thousands of followers. Brands pay her to promote their products on their behalf. In addition, Vanessa shares her exciting life with her followers. Obviously, she knows how the industry works and what’s not legal.


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Unfair competition and white-collar crime

Lawyer for the VSW has accused the blogger, all the same, of unfair competition and white-collar crime. The Association is demanding a hefty 55,000 euro check because, in their view, Vanessa uses her ‘private’ photos for ‘secret’ advertisement. They further claim the blogger gets paid for these.

The actual case against Vanessa is one that involves a salon she advertises for. Apparently, in 2017, her and the owner got into a partnership to advertise the salon. Vanessa indeed tagged her visits there as ‘ads’. But the hanging question is, were her visits prior to this collaboration secret advertisements?

Only the courts can decide this. Besides, this is an appeal on the first verdict, where she’d agreed to pay a penalty. Therefore, it is unclear how long the case would go on.

Influencer, Vanessa Blumenthal, has to pay 55,000 euros for not marking ads

It is worthy to note, however, that some allegations have been raised against the association also. Reports reveal that the VSW initially bullies their culprits into signing ‘cease-and-desist’ orders. This declaration states that influencers should always indicate whether their posts are for commercial purposes. However, penalties paid to the association are used to prepare more legal cases against the influencers.

“Warned persons – like Blumenthal – often sign out of fear and ignorance and thus assure to pay a “contractual penalty in favour of the association” in case of a further violation. A spokesman told WELT that this can be used by the association to finance further proceedings. And the federation finds violations afterwards mostly…The VSW demands then high penalty sums – to the deterrence, as it says. Who does not pay, must before court”, wrote.


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This is why Vanessa is convinced that her appeal is being intentionally dragged so the VSW can file more cases against her. How true this is, we do not know. All we can do is leave it to the court.

Keep reading INfleur for more updates on this case.


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