Instagram couple: They were found dead in bed!

Instagram mourns the death of popular Insta-couple, who died arm in arm. The American couple, Christian Kent and Michelle Avila, had only been together for a year. And their passing comes as a shock to all, as they were only in their twenties.


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Just hangin out wearin @sabre_eyewear 🌴with @kentdothat || shot by @madisonxhooper

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The two micro-influencers were basically inseparable. So much so that they took their love to their graves. In fact, their story has been dubbed “The Modern Day Romeo & Juliet”.

According to their parents, Christian (20) and Michelle (23) had returned from a party a night prior to their demise. They were actually sick and had not drunk too much, in order to take antibiotics. Michelle had work at 6am the following day, and had even laid out her clothes.

She said goodnight and the rest was history. By morning when Michelle’s mom walked in, the two had already died in their sleep. Tragic 🙁


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I told you I was trouble… You know that I’m no good ✖️ ✖️ Photography by @madisonxhooper.

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The couple’s death is a big blow to all, especially family and friends

Although they seemed to have died a peaceful death, news of their death has shocked everyone to the core. Particularly because there’s no apparent reason for their deaths.

Michelle’s sister Nicole, who happens to be the most affected, said this on Michelle’s Instagram;

“I’m shaken and devastated to tell you that Michelle and her boyfriend Christian died Sunday morning. My family and I are holding together during this difficult time and are expecting official details of what exactly happened.”


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Missing those summer days with @kentdothat ♥️💋 35 mm shot taken by @madisonxhooper

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“My baby sister is gone and Christian who I also loved. There are no words that can describe how I feel.”

So far, police have only said that they presume a drug overdose was the cause of their deaths

While medical investigations are still ongoing, police from the Orange County in California suggest that the couple’s deaths may have been as a result of drug overdose. Coincidentally, Southern California is battling a rising death rate due to Opioid overdose. Though authorities cannot say for certain now, that it was the cause of Christian and Michelle’s passing.

Moreover, the mere idea that Michelle used drugs, is shocking to her parents. Her father, Paulo, couldn’t be more sad and disappointed. He said, while in tears to US media,

“Parents need to know that their children are not safe. That’s the proof that, even if it looks perfect, it’s not perfect. Your children are not safe.”

Paulo hopes, however, that if ruled as a drug-related death, his daughter’s demise would serve as a lesson to parents and youth alike.

“Even if it looks perfect, it’s not perfect. Your children are not safe.”


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Film from the 4th of July with good company 🇺🇸 / taken by @madisonxhooper

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Instagram couple: They were found dead in bed!

Many friends, fans and followers have also shared their condolences with the family, as uncountable RIPs continue to flood Michelle’s Instagram.

In one of Michelle’s pictures, she captions, “Waking up next to you is such a good feeling. Like all my worries and problems have drifted far away, and the only thing that matters is being in your arms and enjoying the moment as much as I can, because I know it won’t last. Something I have learned is how to enjoy the now, because nothing in life lasts…”

How heartbreaking 🙁

Amanda Lucy


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