Kicking it with rising fashion influencer, Samantha Betés

Hey guys! Today we interview a newcomer to the fashion game, Samantha Betés. Hailing from Madrid, Samantha is rising fast in the influencer world. She has over 26K followers on Instagram and posts sexy photos of herself out having fun or at the gym. Apart from having a good eye for fashion, Sam is also an interpreter. Amused yet? Then read on for more…

First off, we took a step to find out what Samantha loves most about what does. Not far from what we guessed, she declared that ‘traveling’ was her favorite part.
“I am a multifaceted girl, currently interpretation and fashion are two of my main tasks. Photography has become an important part of my life, and step by step I am increasing the technique. I love to travel, whenever I have days off in my schedule I book them to take a little trip and discover new places in the world”.

This does not fall short of her best qualities as she describes herself as “a strong person, very feminine, vivacious, daring and very determined”.  Very impressive! Her high level of determination fuels her daily drive. “Knowing what I want, I go for my goals without going back…those small steps, and at the same time great, are those that make your life change every moment for the better. I consider myself a very positive person and can never change to worse”, she says with confidence.

Interview with Samantha Betés

Delving more into her interests, we asked Samantha about her favorite fashion brand. She screamed, Versace“! Then our curious minds wanted to know who her celebrity crush was. With all smiles and giggles she answered, “No doubt Will Smith (haha)”. 
A blast to the past had Samantha confessing that as a child, she’d always wanted to be famous. “I always remember that I really liked being a star, modeling and being famous”.

Still on the past, she spoke of her support system when she wanted to pursue her childhood dream of becoming famous. According to Sam, the people around her were not supportive in the beginning, but being as persistent as she is, she went ahead to do it by herself!
“Not receiving support from my environment was something very important that changed my life. When I had no support from anyone, to get what I really liked, which was to interpret or be a model, starting the road alone for me was very difficult. Seeing me alone achieving my goals was a big turn. I came to Madrid to live alone to start from scratch and when I saw that I could get everything without any support, I realized that life was beginning to change for the better, with new people and people who supported me”.

Yo… The Single Earring was the TRUTH! #oldheadshotday

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So, we asked Sam if the sacrifice was worth it- if blogging was everything she’d imagined. She said, “Although I like everything that I have advanced, if I should stop today, I would have preferred to do much better. But it serves as motivation, to put more effort and more magic in everything I do, to get there where I want to go”. 
Furthermore, Samantha disclosed that the one person who inspired her most is fashion influencer and model, ‘Goicoechea Jessica‘.

Angelika? @goiclothing Photo @albertmullor

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Samantha speaks more on her personality

Moreover, Samantha is not just the pretty face you see. She’s a great cook too! Her favorite dish to prepare is ‘Portuguese Fish’ and she does this so often. There are a number of things Sam hates though. “Lies, hypocrisy, falsehood”, she said immediately. It was as if she’s been scarred before by these (which by the way are pretty much the same haha).

“Not receiving support from my environment was something very important that changed my life… and when I saw that I could get everything without any support, I realized that life was beginning to change for the better”

One thing Samantha would change about the world, is the mentality of people. To her, “there is nothing more powerful than the mind of a person”. Concluding the interview, she shared her top goal for the year. There’s nothing she’d like more than to be “a recognized influencer” in the world.

Amanda Lucy


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