Introducing talented Photographer and Fashionista, Lara Busch

Every week, INfleur catches up with the coolest bloggers out there! This week, we introduce Lara Busch, known on Instagram as lespetitesjoiesdelavie_comIn case you were wondering, ‘les petites joies de la vie’ means ‘the little pleasures of life’.
Lara is 22 and doing her masters in Communication Science and Media Research. True to her handle, she enjoys every pleasure of life, no matter how small. She loves food, hanging out with her friends, playing sports or staying indoors to watch TV! Now when it comes to fashion, Lara is a huge freak! Her blog  is proof of this! Let’s  get to know more about this bubbly soul, shall we?

Lara Busch
Photo of Lara beaming with smiles. Source: Instagram
INfleur :Where would you rather be and be doing what right now?

Lara: At this moment, I really love my life exactly the way it is. It really wouldn’t change a thing.

INfleur: What are some of your best qualities?

Lara: I think my best quality is that I always have a smile on- no matter how hard a situation is and how bad it looks. I always try to make the best out of it, to smile and stay positive. 

INfleur: Which city is your favorite in the world?

Lara: Good question! I really can’t tell since there are so many cities I still haven’t seen but for now, I really loved visiting Amsterdam and Nice.

INfleur: Growing up, what did you want to be?

Lara: As a child, I never had a specific plan of how my life will be and what I wanted to be. One day I knew that I wanted to study media and communication science and that’s what I did.

INfleur: Who/What influenced your choice of blog?

Lara: First of all, my studies. In Media and Communication Science, having a blog is a really nice experience because I want to work in this area after finishing my master studies.

INfleur:  Tell us about one favorite childhood memory.

Lara: When I was a child, I loved being with my grandparents and once, my grandfather took me to a zoo. We had such a great time! In this moment I was really a child. Without any worries, just enjoying being a child.

INfleur:  Who is your celebrity crush?

Lara: I think, it is Liam Hemsworth – I loved him in “The Last Song”!


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INfleur:  Have you ever been star-struck? Who did you or would love to meet?

Lara: Oh no, I haven’t meet any star till today but I would love to meet Coco Chanel.

INfleur:  Are you single, dating or have you started a family? If not, do you have plans of starting one…how soon ;)?

Lara: Oh no! Right now, I am very much happy being single. I can’t imagine to start my family in the near future. Having children means so much responsibility and I can’t imagine that there will be one moment in my life where I will be able to take care of so much responsibility. 

Interviw with Lara Busch
INfleur:  So far, is blogging as you imagined it? Or better? Or worse? Why?

Lara: It’s a lot more work than I could have imagined. Doing Instagram, having a blog, being a student and having several jobs at the same time is difficult to manage and it takes a lot of time. But it is worth it when some of my followers write to me that they love what I do and that I’m a kind-of idol to them. 

INfleur:  Stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you.

Lara: First, I’m addicted to Labello so without one I would literally die! Second, I would take some music with me, my next addiction and the third thing would be my friends because without them I really couldn’t live.

 It is worth it when some of my followers write to me that they love what I do and that I’m a kind-of ‘idol’ to them

INfleur:  Finally, what is your top goal for the year?

Lara: First of all, I want to be a great student and I want to grow bigger with my blog. My personal goal is to get more calm and stop being so impatient, this is one of my worst characteristics.

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