Kate Rumson: Meet influencer who’s building her home with help from her 2m followers

Do people have a say in how your dream house should turn out? Well that’s the power interior decorator, Kate Rumson, has bestowed on her millions of followers. She describes the project as “a crowdsourced home created by two million people” and hopes to complete within 18 months!


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When it comes to Kate’s home, I have a say, you have a say… everyone has a say!

According to the BBC, interior decorator and Instagram influencer, Kate Rumson is building a house that fits the standards of her followers.

The five bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom house is being raised in a secluded New Jersey township near New York City. And Kate, who also runs popular Instagram account @the_real_houses_of_ig, is asking every one of her followers for help.

What she does is allow them to vote on different ideas she has for any section of the house. For instance, Rumson once let her fans help her decide whether to build a three-car garage or a two-car one, of which the former won. This choice even “led to a redesign of the entire house.”

“For the past year-and-a-half, she has posted about each step of the build on her personal Instagram page, from planning to excavating,” BBC wrote.

More than two million people around the world can have their say on how it will look, feel and function. It will play out on Instagram from start to finish.”


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This is not Kate’s first rodeo

Last year, Kate applied this procedure of involving her audience in her projects when she had to renovate her town house. They had the chance to choose details including lighting fixtures, the kitchen backsplash and furniture.

That was when she realized how useful it was, adding that her fans went crazy for it.

“When I made the decision to build my dream house I knew I wanted to share the entire process and make it informative and educational to help others planning on building in the future,” Rumson wrote in an Instagram post.

“My goal was to document every step of construction with high quality, easy to understand professional videos, a YouTube channel, and a blog”

And she’s not doing it all alone. Most of her funds come from sponsorship and collaborations with home décor and improvement companies.

“For this project, Rumson is partnering with a long list of major brands who will supply flooring, cabinets, appliances and more,” the BBC revealed.

Kate even recently announced a partnership with a leading female owned construction firm called 84 Lumber.

“There was something very special when I learned that one of the largest, female-led construction related businesses saw my vision, and offered to help me tell the story of a home coming together … Thanks to @84lumber – nation’s leading, woman-owned building materials supplier,” she captioned one of her Instagram videos.


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The influencer also told BBC that she isn’t making money from this project specifically. Instead, all she’s doing is creating a step-by-step guide, which would come in handy for users who would want to construct their own homes.

So much for someone who started her Instagram “on a whim”, after quitting her day time job as a financial advisor — something she did for over a decade.


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Kate says she had a habit of saving screenshots of design inspiration she would find on the internet. And when her phone storage ran out, she opened an Instagram account in 2013 called ‘Real Houses of IG’. Soon, her followers shot up to about 700,000 and that was when she decided to do this full-time.

Fast forward today she has 2.3 million followers and counting! Now if this isn’t influence, we don’t know what is

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