Katya Adushkina: YouTuber falls victim to ‘scary’ prank, weeps on Instagram

Popular YouTuber Katya Adushkina broke down in tears when narrating the ‘scariest moment of her life.’ The 16-year-old was held at gunpoint — in an incident which turned out to be a prank. To make matters worse, the prankster also tried to shoot others!


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“God, it’s very scary to remember again,” Katya said

While telling her story on Instagram, the teenager couldn’t hold back her tears.

Katya Adushkina is a beauty blogger who owns her own cosmetics brand, and is also trying her hands on singing. But the young star had the chills of her life when she fell victim to a fake robbery.

Katya believes that she was the subject of the attack because of her online fame. And although the video has been confiscated by Moscow Police, Katya could replay all events vividly.

“It was the worst situation in my life. I left the gym this morning, as usual, at home. A young man (as I later learned about the age of eighteen) in a pink sweatshirt was standing right outside my house,”  she started.

He asked me for direction to get to the subway. I explained where to go and continued walking.”

“He followed my every step which felt strange. I stopped. And he stopped as well, and I realized something was badly wrong.”


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“I was just about to start running when he grabbed me. My coat and back pack fell on the ground. I started screaming and breaking out of his arms,” Katya continued.

“I kept fighting and then he took out a gun, which sent me into deepest shock”

She added that the prankster also pointed the gun at passers-by, causing them to ran off.

Despite the man whispering he wouldn’t hurt her, she was scared to the bone

As part of his act, Katya’s ‘attacker’ did a countdown. “He counted to three, as if in a countdown before shooting, but at ‘three’ the gun didn’t shoot.”

Rather, he gave her a bouquet of flowers and let her go. To this the beauty blogger commented, “You can’t just grab someone and point a gun – and then start laughing and give flowers.”

“I am only 16, what have I done to deserve this? Dear God, even to think back about it is scary”

As soon as found herself home, she told her parents about the incident. They phoned the police and sooner than later, they caught up with the culprits.

Katya Adushkina claims that a group of seven were behind the prank. The police however blocked the video from reaching the internet.


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Katya frowns on their acts, and her followers agree with her

Still talking on her Instagram, Katya firmly disapproved the incident and the motive behind it.

“This post isn’t to complain about life, it’s a warning to guys who want to make content for what they get addresses for and blackmail artists,” she wrote.

“For the sake of YouTube likes they are ready to point a gun at someone… If you want to prank a stranger, how can you know his or her emotional and psychological limits?”

“Perhaps your actions can cause a lot of fear and negativity to someone, and for someone it can be the last straw for a person to close down and become afraid of people.”

Her followers sang the same tune.

“It’s a pity that there are such, to put it mildly, fools 😤😤😤 Katya, forget it as a terrible dream!”, one person wrote.

“Little girl!!!! What a nightmare! Just crazy people! The most important thing is that you are safe and sound!,” another added.

“It seems that some people are willing to do this for the sake of subscribers and money, they don’t understand the boundaries.”

“Poor child 😶 no one has the right to violate someone else’s space, and even in such a harsh way. I hope that the law enforcement agencies will deal with this situation.”

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