Keepyourkefi: Rising health influencer causes outrage, saying shampoo use promotes weight gain!

A self-acclaimed health influencer, Eleni ‘keepyourkefi’ Chechopoulos, is under so much pressure for this. On her Instagram account @keepyourkefi, she wrote a caption about how shampoos contain calories, and can make you fat! However, users have accused the influencer of being ‘fatphobic’ and ‘unethical’.


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“You still might battle the scale because of your SHAMPOO,” she captioned

The Keepyourkefi health blogger left fans confused after telling the world that shampoo contains calories.

Eleni Chechopoulos, has 11,000 Instagram followers, labels herself a ‘gut and hormone nutritionist’, and sells her own program — the ‘Gut Rehab Blueprint’.
But now, Eleni is warning other women that their hair-care routines could be the reason they’re gaining weight, or can’t shift those “stubborn kilos.”

The nutritionist posted a photo holding a bottle of Panthene hair shampoo, while making this declaration.

“First it’s calories, then it’s hormones, then it’s gut health…now it’s my shampoo?!⁣⁣ You count every calorie that passes your lips, but your weight won’t budge…,” she began.

“Managing your weight isn’t only about calories in vs calories out!⁣⁣ Even though you eat healthy and exercise every day, you still might battle the scale because of your SHAMPOO”

Keepyourkefi explained that these are caused by some chemicals called ‘obesogens’.

“Chemicals that disrupt HOW your body creates and stores fat – found in shampoo, toothpaste, grocery store receipts, shower curtains, makeup, perfume, and so much. more,” she wrote. ⁣⁣


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She referenced a mice experiment, but users have called it all ‘bollocks’

“Mice studies have shown that two mice can be given the same exact diet and have the same activity level, but the mouse who was exposed to an obesogenic chemical continued to gain lots of weight throughout its life, while the unexposed mouse remained thin,” Eleni continued.⁣⁣

Keepyourkefi also said to stay away from plastic water bottles and products that have antibacterials, fragrances and MSG.

However, users were quick to hit back at the ‘influencer’, calling her out for fat shaming.

“This is next level fatphobic,” tweeted plus-sized blogger Chloe Elliott.

“Encouraging women to think and worry about the number of calories in SHAMPOO and its effect on weight gain. Jesus wept.”

“This is so dangerous to promote! When my eating disorder was at its worst this would have badly triggered me and would have just given me another thing to obsess over,” another tweeted.

“This is a BASELESS claim. Stop fear mongering women into thinking shampoo is making them gain weight. It’s gross!”

Others moved to her Instagram to leave their angry comments, and it didn’t take long for Eleni to disable her comments.

Yet, for some reason, she posted another image captioned, “AVOIDING OBESOGENS: PT II⁣: Does the thought of your shampoo or your water bottle contributing to weight gain scare you?”


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Over there, users couldn’t hold back their disgust for her claims.

Interestingly, keepyourkefi kept on listing things to avoid in order to stay out of contact with ‘obesogens’.

She ‘advised’ users to “swap plastic tupperware for glass storage, deny paper receipts and switch from regular tampons to 100% organic cotton”, among others.

This outraged users even more, and many started to question her credibility in the first place.

“The qualifications you need to be a nutritionist: call yourself a nutritionist. That’s it. As a practicing medical professional, I’m disgusted with your ridiculous claims and posts. Anyone following you for advice should immediately unfollow,” someone said.

“Someone needs to make sure you never have a social media account ever again. Damn social media you can get away with anything.”

“Pseudoscience, fatphobia and idiocy all rolled into one”

“Makes me so sad to know that people like you have loud enough opinions like this that are really going to damage to some unknowing teenager,” another user wrote.

Nevertheless, reports on obesity like that of the United States’ National Institute of Environmental Health Studies, states that obesogens “disrupt normal metabolic processes and increase susceptibility to weight gain across the lifespan.”

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