Kickin’ it with Morocco! Super chill interview with Moroccan fashionista, Yasmine

So INfleur is being extra generous this week! Yet another interview but this time extra special. We interviewed Yasmine, a gorgeous Moroccan- Belgian Fashion & Beauty Influencer. On Instagram, she’s simply @iamyasssss. Yass is a great cook as well as a freak in the fashion world. She describes herself as a Belgian OG. Her photos would blow your mind away! Plus when it comes to makeup & beauty, yassss! She’s a pro! Let’s take a short walk into Yass’ world and explore her charm…

True OG, Yasmine. Source: Instagram
True OG, Yasmine. Source: Instagram 
INfleur: What is your most valued belonging?

Yass: My most valued belonging is, at this moment, my camel Céline trousers, which are super highwaisted and oversized.

INfleur:  Favorite fashion brand in the world

Yass: This question is very hard to answer because I have big love for high end brands like Chanel and Balenciaga but also big love for brands like Zara and H&M.

“My salmon terriyaki with mashed potatoes are the bomb!”

INfleur:   Name one influencer within your space who inspires you.

Yass: Most definitely Oumayma Boumeshouli. She’s one big creative with Moroccan roots, just like me. I just love how she stands for diversity and creativity. And let’s be honest, her Instagram feed is to die for!

By far my favourite dress ? @stylebop

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INfleur:  Anything else you wanted to be aside a blogger?

Yass:  A creative director, it’s still one of my goals so that’s why I organize shoots and just be my own personal creative director for my Instagram haha!

Interview with Yasmine
INfleur:  So far, is blogging as you imagined it? Or better? Or worse? Why?

Yass: Since I’m one of the OG’s here in Belgium, I at first, didn’t imagine blogging would turn out to be like this. It’s a great opportunity for me to express myself online and to just be creative and getting beautiful opportunities that I get to experience with friends.

From a very shy girl who didn’t really know how to start conversations, I have now become a confident woman.

INfleur: Have you started a family? If so, share any challenges you have with balancing that with work.
If not, do you have plans of starting one…how soon ;)?

Yass: I still haven’t but when I do, I would just incorporate my kids into the fashion industry I guess, lol! Putting them in cute clothes and keep on taking pictures together.

INfleur:  Tell us about one favorite childhood memory.

Yass: Each summer-break, we went on vacation to Morocco. I just remember how my cousins and I wanted to go out but having to deal with a very strict parents. So we always made little sneaky plans to still go out. Sometimes they worked out, sometimes they didn’t and we got caught, auwtch haha!

INfleur:  What meal do you enjoy and cook best?

Yass: My salmon terriyaki with mashed potatoes are the bomb! Luckily everybody loves my food.

Photo of Yass killin’ it on IG. Source: Instagram
INfleur:  Who is your celebrity crush?

Yass:  I don’t really have a celebrity crush but let’s be honest, Kim Kardashian West is killing the fashion game lately.

INfleur:  Share with us your worst experience of last year.

Yass: My worst experience was that there was a moment where I fell into a little depression. I felt like doing nothing, no inspiration for nothing and I just felt alone, even though I was surrounded by lovely friends and family.

 I didn’t imagine blogging would turn out to be like this. It’s a great opportunity for me to express myself online.

INfleur:  What is your top goal for the year 2018?

Yass: To grow! Not only in numbers but on a personal level. I have come from a very shy girl who didn’t really know how to start conversations. But now I have become a confident woman who stands up for herself and that’s one goal I would like to continue to have. 

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