Kristiana Kuqi: Travel influencer creates romantic posts by kissing ‘strangers’?

A travel blogger has revealed her bizarre way of getting those boo’ed up shots. Kristinai Kuqi explained that in order to feel that “pure confidence and rush”, she’d rather kiss strangers in front of iconic landmarks. And it seems to have worked for her since her first try in Paris.


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Kristiana Kuqi told Insider that she first got the idea while travelling in Paris

She wanted to boost her confidence so she tried this!

While studying and traveling in the city of love, Kristina knew she had to take her shot at ‘love’. So she began asking strangers to kiss her in front of iconic landmarks. Soon, she found someone willing to do it.

“I was going with a good friend and just decided before our flight that I was going to ask a stranger to kiss me,” she said. “The inspiration was to capture the perfect moment and really to channel my inner confidence.”

And the shot indeed looked romantic!

“Kuqi and the stranger shared a passionate kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.”


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When at the Eiffel Tower, ask a random man to kiss you. It’s good luck 🇫🇷💋 Photo cred: @Gracyn_23

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Being successful on her first try, she took another chance in Rome. Kristiana got lucky again, this time a cozier look was created.

She also got a good shot with a fireman who responded to a blaze at a wedding she attended in Kentucky.


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When in Rome 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Kuqi shared how she went about getting those kisses

First, Kristiana admitted that the task was pretty easy because so far, “no one has said no.” 

“I definitely said from the beginning that it was just a kiss for a photo,” she added. “They were all aware that it was for a picture — can’t ignore my laughing friends holding the camera.”  

“They all responded so pleasantly, and were more than happy to do it…No one has said no.”

Further explaining the process, Kuqi said she always made sure her lips were ‘attractive’ enough.

“I always made sure to put on a good ChapStick, lipstick, or gloss beforehand,” she said. “I think that made them notice my lips and definitely want a kiss. I’ve never had a bad kisser — each time it was natural and passionate.” 

The blogger also made it clear that they agreed to stay strangers, no matter how passionate the kisses were.

“It was all about spontaneity, so keeping contact wasn’t something we did.”

kristiana kuqi. source: Instagram/@kristianakuqi
She also kissed a fireman who quenched a flame at wedding she attended in Kentucky. Source: Instagram/@kristianakuqi
Now, Kristiana is hailed as a legend on Twitter

Ever since she tweeted about kissing strangers, Kristiana has gone viral. Users on Twitter have hailed her as “brave” and a “legend” for her efforts.

In fact her tweet has received more than 60,000 retweets and 500,000 likes since.

“You’re actually a legend,” one person praised.

“The goal is not to travel the world with your man, but to have a man in every part of the world you travel to,” another wrote.

“This is so iconic,” someone tweeted, adding that she had the “pretty girl privilege.”

“This is some next level queen shit!!”, a user joked.

The tweet started an entire thread where others began sharing their kissing shots with strangers also.


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Kuqi said she plans on taking photos of herself kissing strangers for as long as she travels and is single.

“It really has to be the right moment…And the right person that I spot.”

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