Kristie Sita, amputee blogger, shocks all with cooking skills!

Vancouver Youtube blogger, Kristie Sita, lost an arm in a boating accident five years ago. Yet, the dancer has not let that stop her from going through regular daily duties. In a recent Youtube upload, Kristie inspires all while she cooked with her amputated arm.


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Kristie is such a breath of fresh air!

An unfortunate boating accident in 2014 cost Kristie her left hand.

“Kristie’s hand was ripped off when her arm got caught around a rope attached to an inflatable while she was on the water with friends in Ruby Lake, British Columbia in June 2014”, Daily Mail UK reported.

But without regrets, the blogger is living beyond her disability! 

She still dances, swims, works out, does her makeup, gives fitness tips and cooks too. It’s just as if nothing ever happened! In fact, Kristie admits that she’s had all her top dancing roles after the accident– including a role in Disney’s Descendants. A true blessing in disguise.

On her Instagram and Youtube, Kristie has an audience of almost 100,000 and she’s great motivation to them. A quick glance at her comment section is enough proof.


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Krisitie Sita, amputee blogger, shocks all with cooking skills!

Months ago, the blogger spread her wings of inspiration again. On her Youtube channel, she posted a video of herself cooking. Not a quick fix, no– a real meal which involves all the kitchen hard-work!

“Don’t be afraid to use your stump, you have your stump for a reason and I use it for everything,” she says.

In the video, Kristie Sita is seen making dinner with raw chicken breasts. She pins down the chicken with her stump, while using her right hand to cut.

She explains in the video that it’s easy for anyone in her position to resort to frozen foods. But she’s “willing to get a little bit messy” and encourages others to do so too.

After working the chicken, Kristie moves on to cutting a courgette. Now that scene looked particularly dangerous– you would think she’s going to cut her stump.

“You can probably see why I don’t go with short vegetables, as I would probably chop off my stump,” she joked.


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Though she struggled to open a pack of gnocchi for her meal, Kristie managed to finish preparing a plate of seasoned chicken, courgette and gnocchi. She added that cooking, for her, was “simple”.

‘”I just have to not be afraid to stick my stump in something”

Kristie Sita is a pro in many other things

Kristie goes all in on her Youtube. Aside cooking, she has several other videos of her doing basic things you’d think she cannot do in her state.

For instance, she has a video that shows her tying her hair into a bun. Then several others of her dancing, not forgetting an interesting one where she lifts weight with her stump.

In addition to all these, Sita is the proud owner of an online fitness channel named Sitafitt. Over there, she offers online gym and dance coaching for a reasonable $50 a month. You can register for any of those here.

Looking at Kristie, you sure have no excuse to give up! Such brilliance 🙂

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