WHATTT? Leebo Freeman cheats on Bonnie Strange??!!

You would not believe this!! Expectant mother Bonnie Strange has allegedly been cheated on by her boyfriend, Leebo Freeman


?? #momanddad

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It just doesn’t stop! This time the cheating scandal is looming in the pond of 9-month pregnant, Bonnie Strange. Bonnie (31) could give birth any minute and she just hinted that her boyfriend and baby father, Leebo Freeman (29) has been unfaithful. Unbelievable!

The worst part is who Leebo cheated on her with…A PORN STAR!

Bonnie is convinced that Leebo met this woman at a club in Berlin called the “KitkatClub”. After this meeting, the said lady, allegedly “lisa.rocketcock“-on Instagram, exchanged social media handles with Leebo. They began flirting in the DMs and Bonnie saw it all! There are even evidences of the chat on Bild.de. But one interesting part of it was when Leebo texted, “I definitely want a second round, we can have a good time together, without pressure (Bonnie) , but I live here because of the baby”. Shocking! Further conversations led to them planning a sex date at the house!

Lisa came clean about the affair too

According to Bild, the alleged porn star (naked model), Lisa, confirmed her sexual relations with Leebo. 
“I had sex with Bonnie Srange’s boyfriend, but I did not know she did not know about it, I’m in a relationship and it’s okay for me to sleep with other men,” she revealed. “I told Bonnie everything and I will not meet with Leebo any more, his behavior really does not work.” Yikes!

But Bonnie Strange is having none of it

After finding out about this relations two days ago, Bonnie could not hold back her hurt and disappointment. She said, “Yes, it’s true, Leebo betrayed me, it’s always been my greatest horror idea that this kind of thing happens to me in a relationship, and even worse during pregnancy I can hardly find words about how it happened, I just feel like I’m in a nightmare.”

“I had sex with Bonnie Srange’s boyfriend, but I did not know she did not know about it, I’m in a relationship and it’s okay for me to sleep with other men”

As a result, Bonnie has had Leebo thrown out of her apartment. She has reportedly changed the locks too! So at the end of the day, no sex date and of course, no Bonnie. Joke’s on you now, Leebo!


in the end that’s all you need. Friends that you love and they love you. ❤

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Meanwhile Bonnie’s fans and followers are livid! “How can you cheat someone like Bonnie with such a face meter ??”, one follower said. Yet most of them dropped a lot of encouraging comments, urging Bonnie to be strong about the situation, especially for the baby. “It breaks my heart! You are so authentic and beautiful, you just do not deserve it. I hope your friends and family are there for you and stand with you through ? a lot of love to you”.
Another said, “Bonnie, I’m so sorry too! I can not imagine how you are doing right now, but be assured – you can count on your friends and that’s the most important thing? Shoot this bird @leebothestampede. Obviously he did not understand what it means to become a father & to have such a wonderfully beautiful woman as the mother of his child. Bonnie, you are a power woman and you can do it !! All, a lot of love for you and the baby! <3". “Stay strong, Bonnie. You are an incredibly great and strong woman !!!”

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