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Hey guys! So its a Monday, the start of a beautiful week and INfleur wants to be a part of yours. How? Good question! We have for readers a nice compilation of ten useful lifestyle and fitness tips that would get you ready for the prosperous week ahead. We call this new segment,  by your favorite Influencer and Lifestyle Mag, INfleur. Now let’s get to it:

1. Start your mornings with a cup of lemon water

Yeah we know you’ve heard this one a million times but guess what? We’ll say it again! It is important to start every morning with a glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon or lemon oil! There are so many reasons why but the most prevailing ones are; it flushes out all toxins in your body and keeps your digestive system working properly. Note that this should be warm water, not boiling hot! This aint coffee! Lol. Imagine coming from a weekend of fun and alcohol, yikes! This would definitely do your body some good!

Lifestyle hacks


2. Use a straw to remove the stem of a strawberry

This is one of the smart ones! So after you have your glass of lemon water, the next thing you can do is to have some fruit as a part of your breakfast. Strawberries are perfect for the mix! We know it’s sometimes uncomfortable to have its stem in your mouth while munching on ’em. So the easy way is; push a straw in from the bottom to take out both the steam and the head. Sounds simple right? Use a straw to get that berry!



3. Use letters not lines

Okay so you’re at work, you write down some stuff on a piece of paper. Probably your thoughts or something relevant for work. All of a sudden you need to cancel. Here’s how to do it right; instead of crossing them out by scribbling over them, try writing random letters over the words. Now your colleague would never know your thoughts. 

Lifestyle hacks


4. Put salt in palms before cutting onions & garlic

Any cooks out here? We know it’s repulsive to have your palms stuck with that onion/garlic smell whenever you finish cooking. Easy solution- rub palms with salt and water before working with onions and garlic. Works like magic, trust us!

Lifestyle hacks


5. Cure a sorethroat, eat Marshmallows

Sorethroats are common in this season…but so are marshmallows. Sap from the marshmallow plant has been used for hundreds of years to help treat coughs, colds, and sore throats. So the next time you have a sorethroat, just eat a few of these fluffy guys and voila! Your throat would be clear in no time.

 lifestyle hacks


Lifestyle Hacks
6. Secure cash in a sanitary napkin wrapper

Now this is the best one so far. Ladies, drumroll! Now ever thought of how to conceal lots of cash in your handbag or purse? Just put that cash in the package of a sanitary napkin. No one would ever think of touching that. Thank us later, wink.

Lifestyle Hacks


7. Get the drinks chilled faster using wet paper towels

Friends are coming over and you need to chill those beers fast? Don’t sweat it! It used to be, ” wet the bottles and cans before refrigerating”. Now, just use wet paper towels; wrap them round the bottles and cans before putting them in the fridge. Guaranteed to have your drinks chilled in twelve minutes! Way faster. 



8. Curb cravings by chewing gum

On that weight-loss routine? Or you pretty much are the type to just crave anything when bored? Then save yourself the extra weight by chewing gum instead. Chewing gum would distract you from that craving you had, alongside exercising your jaws and helping you shed off cheek fat. Try it! 

Lifestyle Hacks


9. Keep a photo of business cards

Before losing your wallet, take photos of business cards and keep on your phone or cloud storage. Probably not a deep life hack but still a piece of advice for us all.

10. Workout to your favorite TV show

Everyone has a favorite TV show, take it or leave it. So if hitting the gym or working out is hard for you, lets take this approach- Watch and Work! Now whether it is Game of Thrones, How to get away with murder or Young Sheldon, do 10 push ups or 20 lunges or 30 squats or some planks while you watch. Killing two birds with one stone is always the best way!

Lifestyle Hacks

Keep reading INfleur magazine for more of Lifestyle Mondays every week!!




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