Lori Faith, Instagram star, loses hair on Insta LIVE video!

An Instagram star just went viral for the craziest thing ever. While on Insta Live, Lori Faith, was seen relaxing her bleached hair. Next thing we saw, as the influencer combed through her hair, was it all falling out! With her mouth wide open in shock, Lori ran out to wash the relaxer out. In a few days, however, she posted a video announcing that she had gone bald. Goodness!


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i changed in an hour. IM A TRANSFORMER. 🧡💙🧿

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Always a bad idea to relax right after bleaching

Lori Faith, the 18-year-old known for her ‘colorful’ presence, is trending for the wrong reasons.

The social media star, who has over 54,000 Instagram followers, made the worst mistake when she tried relaxing her hair, moments after bleaching it. Probably trying to show them how it’s done, Lori Faith took a comb and started to run it through her hair.

Almost instantly, the entire strip of hair came out, stuck to the comb’s teeth!

She gasped for some seconds, brushing her fingers over her head to make sure. She then ran to the bathroom to wash the chemicals out, but it was too late.

Her friend shared the video to her Twitter, making Lori the new ‘person of interest’ all weekend.

Lori announces going bald

After a couple of days, Lori posted a video on her Youtube  “ my hair fell out… and now im bald,” with the caption “im [sic] an idiot.”

Faith, being popular for different hair styles and colours over the past few years, started her video with a “goodbye,” to them all. She then blamed it on her “stupid and impulsive” actions in trying to relax her hair too soon after bleaching it.

“I’m f—— bald,” she said. “You heard it. I said it. I’m bald.”

Lori also recounted the many times she’d been warned to not relax her hair after bleaching it– which she obviously ignored.

“I never thought I would go this far … I thought I would just have a really really short haircut with color,” she said. “This was a good mistake because now my hair can grow naturally.”

“It’s not a bad thing ’cause there’s a lot of people that are bald, not by choice,” revealing that her mother has been bald since age 11.


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…. i-

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Lori advised, and then social media took over with the comments

Following her ‘unfortunate’ situation, the Insta star found herself dishing the same advice she ignored, to her viewers.

“Don’t put a relaxer in bleached hair, don’t even put relaxer at all unless you’re professional, because this is what you will look like.”

Luckily, Lori was not trolled like everyone else. Most people just encouraged her with compliments about how good she looked being bald.

“You actually look great with no hair,” one person wrote on YouTube. “I myself couldn’t pull it off bc my heads not shaped right. Embrace your true beauty.”

“Girl you lucky you have a pretty face and a head snap..cause this could of been a real bad 😍”, another said on Instagram.

“You pulling it off sis you look good. You look blessed”

“You’re insanely lucky that you did not get chemical burns on your scalp. Never mix chemicals like that … Like she says, PLEASE go to a professional for ANY chemical processes!”, a follower cautioned.

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