Marissa Casey, blogger who ‘staged’ surprise engagement, slammed for new IG post

It’s hard to forget Marissa Casey Grossman, who went viral for a ‘planned’ surprise engagement. And now, we get a reminder because she has internet trouble–yet again. The style blogger posted a bikini shot, whose caption started with a tribute to her late relatives, and ended as an #ad. While many liked the post for what it was, some users thought it was insensitive to mix a tribute with an ad.


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“Because they’d all want to know too”, Marissa said in her post

Marissa cannot catch a break now, can she?

As if being criticized for faking a surprise wasn’t enough, 30-year-old fashion influencer and Goop employee, is trending again for another ‘scandal’. In a recent Instagram post, Mrs Grossman, was seen in a bikini with her newly-wed husband Gabriel.

But it’s just a lovey-dovey photo right? Wrong!

It was her caption that had everyone talking. Marissa is being slammed for paying tribute to the deceased and tagging a swimsuit brand at the same time.

“Living our best lives for Meme, Aunt Sue, Gabe’s Grandparents… and because they’d all want to know too, swimsuit is @montce_swim.

She wrote: “To the moon and back!!!!!

“Living our best lives for Meme, Michelle Blumenthal, Sam Allen, Aunt Sue, Gabe’s Grandparents, Lauren Marcus…. and all those that shine on us everyday.

“Because of you that left us way to soon— we try our very hardest to never take any day for granted and to always be grateful. Everyday counts and…. because they’d all want to know too, swimsuit is @montce_swim.


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Several users complain about her caption

On Instagram, Marissa has been accused of allegedly reporting all the negative comments. But on Twitter, critics couldn’t be silenced.

One tweet which has garnered the attention of some 1800 people, read;

“Influencing is lamenting the death of your loved ones in the first sentence, and then making sure everyone knows where you got your swimming costume from in the next sentence.”

“I hate but love people like this just to make myself feel better for not being so vacuous.”

“I hate influencers. I really do. So much self-entitlement b*llshit,” another tweeted.


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Marissa defends herself

So on her Instagram Story, Marissa Casey posted a lengthy explanation for her caption.

She wrote: “While I do appreciate your concern and comment about my five best friends who passed away and my grandmother and my aunt – I am pretty certain if they are looking down on me, they want to know what I am wearing.”

“I know that sounds weird but my grandmother got so much joy in life through me pursuing clothes with my friends Lauren, Michelle and Samantha – I was friends with them all since I was 5 – 25.”

“Just because someone passes away doesn’t mean we need to focus on the ‘sadness’. I am confident that they would appreciate this message.”

“So please think before you speak about my best friends that all passed away from cancer, getting hit by a f****** garbage truck, tumors, diabetes and so many other terrible complications.”


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Finally feeling like myself again!!!!!! 😀🙃

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“Please think before you post and comment. One of my best friend actually passed away in front of me from an aneurysm when I was 13 – I don’t think you know anything about her or our relationship.”

“Enough is enough. Stop bullying me. My friends would be texting me if they were alive saying ‘can I borrow that and probably never give it back’.”

Earlier this year, the internet claimed Marissa and then boyfriend, Gabriel staged her ‘surprise’ marriage proposal– by making it appear as though he had organised her a luxurious global scavenger hunt.

They later explained they only invited brands to “align” with the plan; in paid partnerships or gifts.

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