Meet GLOW #1 xAnnaValentinax!

And finally, the last one we’re going to present to you is a lifestyle and travel YouTuber, Anna Valentina

Anna-Valentina is a young (17years old) travel and lifestyle YouTuber. Actually, she’s vlogging in Paris now but who knows where she’ll be next? We can see through her pictures that she really enjoys travelling and has great style too.

In addition to posting vlogs, she also posts challenges on her YouTube channel which has brought 80K subscribers since 2014! If you really like to travel, get some tips and addresses, you should definitely go and see her videos right now! Her life seems like a dream but don’t forget that if you want something, give yourself the means to do it.



Celina Euchner

Celina Euchner schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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