Meet GLOW #2 Jamina1404!

Number 4 of the week is Jamina1404. As part of the 5 newcomers for GLOW by dm, today is her introduction.

You can call her Jamina, and this young lady is a beauty YouTuber and Instagramer. She likes fashion and trends so don’t hesitate to take your inspiration from her Instagram page! You are sure to become a real fashion girl too!

She created her YouTube channel way before the 3 previous girls, in 2011, and she’s accumulated 91K subscribers since. Even on her Instagram, she has 45K followers.
As a lot of YouTubers do now, she also posts some vlogs, hauls and beauty tutorial/tips.
She’s a regular poster, so go subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube to follow her everyday adventure!

Jade Becker

Jade Becker schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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