Meet GLOW #4 Nadjma!

Here we are, presenting the second person of the week, Nadjma, who’s a beauty & fashion influencer. She’s one of the 5 ultimate newcomers GLOW by dm has chosen!

Nadjma is a make-up artist not only on Instagram but also on YouTube. She has more than 139K followers, accumulated on the 2-social networks. Her YouTube channel has had 1,032,526 clicks since 2016, which is a really good thing for a barely two-year channel.

She principally does makeup, but she also shares some hauls and vlogs from time to time.

She has her own way of doing her make up, and when you see how she goes about it, you won’t think at all that’s a “normal every day” make up… Like the one just below!

If you need any makeup tutorial, you should definitely follow her on her YouTube channel!

And don’t forget to stay tuned because on Friday we’ll give away something really exciting!


Jade Becker

Jade Becker schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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