Meet @khaledjali, Super Sexy Model and male Fashion Influencer

INfleur is mostly about the females but sometimes we try to spice it up with, of course, sexy men. How many Lebanese hot male models do you know? Well if your answer is zero, then today might just be your lucky day. In this article, we present freelance model, beauty & fashion influencer and entrepreneur, Khaled J Ali. Known on Instagram as @khaledjali, Khaled has a vibrant social media presence. With over 35K followers, he aims to reach more people via his craft and his new online clothing shop
Let’s find out more about Khaled below…


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INfleur: Tell us a bit about yourself, your childhood, family, school etc. What were your aspirations as a child? Did you achieve them?

Khaled: My name is Khaled Ali. I work as freelance model ,beauty and fashion influencer. I was born and raised and in my lovely city Beirut (Lebanon) with lovely family. My family is always next to me in every step I take in my life. Since I was a kid, they have been giving me support to achieve my goals and to be in a better place. I’ve always wanted to be,(if can say), “popular” and to leave a footprint wherever I go. Thanks to God, I am doing my best to achieve what I grew up wanting to be.

INfleur: Anything you do for fun? Hobbies?

Khaled: I’m A GYMAHOLIC. The gym is the place where i belong; my second home. Traveling is also a good idea for me, I love discovering new cities and cultures.

INfleur: So to the main question: How did modelling start for you? Who/what inspires you? 

Khaled: Modeling has taken a big part of my life. Not only modeling though, because I act in TV commercials and I do photo-shoots for magazines and many companies.
Friends and family were my inspiration plus I’m into fashion and shopping. I always like to be up to date with the latest trends.

INfleur: Brief us on one life changing experience you have had.

Khaled: Modeling and working at the same time while focusing on my studies is a big challenge for me. It has truly been life changing.

INfleur: We see the response to your work is very positive. How is the feeling? What is your biggest achievement so far?

Khaled: So far, I am proud of what I’m doing and I love the way I can manage my time between work, family and modeling. In terms of my biggest achievement, for now, I look forward to better opportunities to make my career wider. 

INfleur: What’s the worst thing that has happened over the course of your career?

Khaled: Nothing so far, everything is under control.

INfleur: Let’s get a bit personal. Are you seeing anyone? Married? Kids? How do you balance your love/family life with modelling?

Khaled: Actually I’m single. I love making friends more than lovers and in my free time, I always try to stay near my family because they are my backbone.

INfleur: Tell us something nice you have done for a follower before.

Khaled: I try to be close and in contact with my followers as much as i can. I read their messages, comments and I answer their questions. 
A month ago, I was on vacation at one of my favorite cities. I was grabbing coffee with friends and suddenly one guy came to me and asked, “Can i take a photo with you? I’m one of your followers on Instagram and I always follow your stories and updates. I found out through your story that we are in the same city and my wish was only to catch up with you for a photo”.
For sure my answer was, “Sure! Come, lets take a photo”. He made my vacation.

Khaled Ali
INfleur: Who is your celebrity crush?

Khaled: Haha, that’s easy. Megan Fox. I love her! She has an edgy look, which I like, yet she’s sexy!

#happyholidays @fredericks_hollywood

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INfleur: If you were stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you.

Khaled: A Cellphone, Internet and Water 

INfleur: Finally, what is the goal for 2018? Anything big coming up? Something you would like to share with us?

Khaled: I already established my own business in 2017– an online shop selling customized/printed shirts. I’m looking forward to make it something big in 2018 with more collections and ideas.

 I love making friends more than lovers

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