Meet Mikaela, Toronto’s sweetest travel blogger

Today, INfleur interviews a blogger from Canada! Mikaela is a young travel and lifestyle influencer, who’s trying to make it big in the industry. She first got inspired to start her own blog, after managing other influencers’ social media accounts. Now, Mikaela is  ‘exploring California’, and has so much to share about her life in this interview!

Growing up, what did you want to be?

Mikaela: When I was growing up I first wanted to be a veterinarian because of my love for animals I wanted to help and save them all! Also, I spent some time after that wanting to be a doctor before I turned my attention to business and fashion.

What are some of your best qualities?

Mikaela: I think my best quality is my compassion for others. I have always had a very big and open heart and I care a lot, sometimes to a fault.

Favorite fashion brand in the world?

Mikaela: This changes as my style evolves, but right now I love REVOLVE and all their in-house brands. I am also a sucker for Gucci!


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What is your top goal for the year?

Mikaela: My goal for the year is to transition out of my 9-5pm job and pursue my fashion blog full time. I also would like to start including more travel content in my blog.

We see you have moved from Toronto to explore California. How different is living and blogging in USA?

Mikaela: I have been fortunate enough to work in California over the past year or so, and it has taught me a lot about what it means to both have a niche and network. Going back and forth between two cities is amazing, but it is easy to get lost between markets when you still are a micro-influencer.

Even with me splitting my time, my contracts were primarily Canadian, as that is where I had previously established myself. Networking is everything! In Toronto, I go to endless events, have a network of bloggers to create and engage with. However, starting in a new city you have to commit to re-establishing this for yourself.


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Meet Mikaela, Toronto’s sweetest travel blogger

So far, is blogging as you imagined it? Or better? Or worse? Why?

Mikaela: I had a pretty good idea as to what blogging would look like before I started, as I had been running social media accounts and working with influencers for other fashion brands. I was fascinated by the industry and wanted to give it a go.

As I imagined, blogging is A LOT of work and is not just about taking a pretty photo and writing a witty caption. With that being said, sometimes I do have to pinch myself because I feel that I am so fortunate to have made it this far and have the opportunity to work with the people and brands that I do. This is absolutely my dream and I love feeling every moment along the way.

“Going back and forth between two cities is amazing, but it is easy to get lost between markets when you still are a micro-influencer.”



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Tell us something nice you have done for a follower before.

Mikaela: Nothing is more important to me regarding social media than my followers. I love to engage with them any way I can. Initially, I started giving away pieces that I no longer wear via Instagram stories. That way, my audience could share in both the gifts I receive from brands and my style.

Also, I have done some birthday video messages for followers and their family members following The Bachelor Canada. Outside of these gestures, the best thing I can do for my followers is be there. Not just with content, but to answer their DMS about relationships, fashion, anxiety (which I openly discuss on social media), and just life in general. I want them to know I am there for them as they have been for me.

“Blogging is A LOT of work and is not just about taking a pretty photo and writing a witty caption.”

Who is your favorite male influencer?

Mikaela: My favorite male influencer is @sweetlifeofevan. I love how much fun he has with his content.


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Brief us on one life changing experience you have had.

Mikaela: So one life changing experience I had was doing ‘The Bachelor Canada’. It was not actually doing the show that changed me, but how I grew after from watching it back. It was very apparent to me how much I held in and held back, and how much I cared about how I appeared on camera.

I re-examined how I am in my day to day life, and realized that I had been trying to act the way society would like and silencing parts of me that are different. Since then, that has all changed, and it has had such a positive impact on my relationship with myself, others and my fearlessness in life and blogging.


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What do you hate most about social media?

Firstly, I do not like to ever use the word hate, but the only things I dislike are:

  1. The algorithm that is constantly changing to capitalize on ad spend as it affects the hard work we are doing to be seen as content creators
  2. The lack of privacy. There is pressure to share because if you don’t share enough, people will not connect. So everyone in my life always knows what I am doing and where I am, but it is all part of the job!


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Finally, if you owned the world, name three things you’d like to change about it.


  1. I would remove self-doubt from the human race. We truly are our own worst enemies.
  2. No guns, no violence, no hate crimes, no war, no gangs.
  3. The way people treat each other. The world could easily be a much warmer place if we could all accept each other’s differences.

Ooh and don’t forget to check out Mikaela’s blog,

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