Memers: Instagram bans top meme accounts; brings in their own

Instagram’s reforms are getting more serious by the day. In the past weeks, the photo-video sharing platform has purged numerous memers, causing distress. Instead, they plan to regulate these accounts themselves. How? Instagram is now introducing a new ‘teen-friendly’ system — with their own meme expert!


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From bullies, to influencers and now memers, it’s been one heck of an Instagram journey

Whew. Everyone’s getting their share of Instagram’s social intervention reform.

Now, the world’s biggest photo-video social media platform is going after memers. Over the past weeks, about 140 — including 30 top meme accounts have been deleted from the app. Accounts like @memeexttraordinaire which had more than 40M followers, and @autist with 30M+, are now gone with the wind.

Why? Well Instagram claims that these accounts ‘violated’ their rules.

 “These accounts were disabled following multiple violations of our policies, including attempted abuse of our internal processes,” a rep told The Daily Dot. Apparently, these memers do not credit original creators when they repost their content.

“We are consistently taking steps to disincentivize and stop this behavior, including removing accounts that violate our policies”


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Memers have spoken out and it’s not pretty

Affected meme account owners are contesting this new exercise by Instagram, from so many angles.

One of such memers is Ben, user behind the popular accounts @spicy.mp4, @bnjee and others spoke to MarketWatch about his frustrations.

“I made sure to credit everything as I used to be a content creator myself and I know the frustration of not being credited,” he explained.

Ben added that his pages earned him $4,000 a month and were his only form of salary.

“I don’t have another job as Instagram paid in one week what I would get in one month of an actual job”

18-year-old Craige, the user behind the @autist account also said he earned more than $30,000 from the platform this year alone. He is devastated because he was saving up for college.

Moreover, other smaller accounts have started petitions on, following the situation.

“These waves of attacks on our right to free speech are not only affecting the repost accounts who have made a living off of posting memes, but they also are affecting the creators who have spent years of their lives organically growing a following from original content”, read a petition that almost 6,000 people signed.

“Every email or notification from Instagram support is bland and vague…but we want answers. We want change. And most importantly, we want our accounts back”

Instagram plans to cash in on memes

Just like some have asserted, Instagram is actually finding ways to monetize everything, memes notwithstanding.

Based on statistics released by the platform itself, meme content is shared seven times more than non-meme content.

“We’ve seen, through the course of our work with publishers and creators, that the meme community has become really influential,” said Lila King, Instagram’s head of news and publishing partnerships shared.

Therefore the company is currently hiring a meme expert, aka a “Strategic Partner Manager” for “Digital Publishers,” according to Paper Mag.

Instagram even posted this job offer on Facebook, reported CNET.

“As part of the role, the strategic partner manager will find and plan initiatives with up-and-coming media publishers such as meme accounts, according to the job posting. They’ll also strengthen relationships with publishers and help them be successful on the platform,” CNET further wrote.


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Hmm. A bit shady from Instagram, don’t you think?

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