Miss Teen Universe dies at age 19– Cardiac arrest!

Miss Teen Universe, Lotte van der Zee, has sadly passed away. The 19 year old model suffered a cardiac arrest while on skiing holiday in Austria. She was reportedly well the night before, but was found unwell the next morning. After two weeks of being in a coma, Lotte gave up ghost. Wednesday evening, March 6, a day before her 20th birthday, the world lost this gem 🙁


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She was such a bubbly, vibrant soul!

While on holiday with her family in Westendorf, Austria, Lotte suddenly felt ill and was rushed to the nearest hospital. Her family quickly shared the news on her Instagram, seeking for fans’ prayers and hope.

“Dear friends, 
With the utmost sorrow we want to inform you about the reason behind Lotte’s public absence in recent days. Two days ago, during our holiday in Westendorf – Austria, Lotte started to feel unwell during the afternoon. A feeling that escalated quickly in sudden cardiac arrest”, they posted.

Lotte was kept in an artificial coma, and doctors said they had found no cause of her acute cardiac arrest. She was then transferred to a neurological specialized hospital in Munich, Germany.

However, things seemed to worsen as the model continued to be in critical state– up until her last breath.


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“Our pearl, all of us died on Wednesday evening, March 6 at 10:47 pm. It is super unreal that our dear Lotte is no longer there. Our hearts are broken.”

Her mother, Eugeniek, gave a detailed account about the processes that lead to her death.

“It started with her kidneys. She was then put on kidney dialysis, which kept her alive. But when it became clear on Wednesday that it would not be okay, she was taken off the machine. Lotte has had to endure a lot over the past few days. We did not want any further suffering”, she explained.

Within thirty minutes from when the machine was disconnected, Lotte died in the presence of her parents and close family. Sad 😢

The unusual last moments Lotte spent

“Lotte was out with friends the night before the heart attack, but came back in good shape and with no complaints”, BILD.de reported.

She went to bed, promising to show up for breakfast the following day. But she never showed up. She was found sick in bed.

The cause of her sudden attack is still under investigation. It is clear that events that lead to this were rather unusual. Sooner than later– as the family requested, the results would be certain.

“Now she is the most beautiful star in the sky. Of course you always want to keep your child with you. But we had to let her go. Out of respect for Lotte … she deserved to be allowed to go”, her mother tearfully said.



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Who was Lotte van der Zee? Miss Teen Universe 2017

Lotte van der Zee was a model of Dutch descent, who had achieved quite an amount of success before sadly passing away.

In 2017, she won the Miss Teen Universe pageant, against 34 other girls. Since then, it was all up for the model as she soon garnered thousands of Instagram followers. From last year, she’s been an influencer and had partnered with a number of brands.

One of her most recent collaborations was with HP, whose new Tango X Printer she had advertised just in January.


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It’s very sad she had to go this way. Our hearts goes to her family. In the meantime, a book of condolences has been opened for her on Mensenlinq.nl.

#RIPLotte– Miss Teen Universe 2017

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