out, TikTok in– New app to take over video networking

The popular video social networking app,, is no more! However, the good news is, a sister app–called TikTok, is taking over. users will now see the TikTok icon, the next time they update the app.

Welcome to TikTok! ? ⏰ #MakeEverySecondCount

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Everything changed in a day! On Thursday, August 2, the popular teen app,, switched up to TikTok and users are still shocked. The app and all user data and accounts has been merged with Tiktok, a sister app that’s owned by ByteDance.
ByteDance is a Chinese company that acquired for a whooping $1 billion, in November 2017. However, users should not be worried, as the change was seamless. All accounts, videos and personal settings are inside the new app, as per usual. So go ahead and update!

Tiktok is huge– even bigger than, and promises to be better

Even better news is the range covered by TikTok. According to reports, TikTok, which was created in 2016 and operates worldwide minus China, claims 500 million monthly active users., on the other hand, came up to a 100 million users. That aside, there are some added variations in this new app.

With the new name, Bytedance tries in time to separate from the criticized ‘trash’ music image of the dance app The broader sister app, Tik Tok, not only publishes the music videos, but also comedy clips, phrases, mini tutorials and memes.

Furthermore, Tik Tok provides a new feed which highlights the user’s community as well as a “For You” section that offers personalized video recommendations. A new “reaction” feature will allow users to respond to friends’ videos from their phone. Plus catchy VR-like filters that can be activated by blinking, green screen-like background effects, and other creative tools.

In addition, there’s a juicy revenue side to Tiktok. Now global advertisers can choose TikTok for their short marketing clips, instead of previously having to pick between the two.

Robot Barbie? ? @amalrsho is pretty in pink! #tiktok

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What happens to teen influencers who became popular via

Lisa & Lena, Germany’s teen sweethearts, are one of the few who got famous off For the past three years, the twins have been posting videos lip-syncing to hit songs. A whole generation of young teens have been using the app because of the duo. Now that is no more, fans are wondering if they’d push Tiktok as well. For now, we have no answer to this but we do know that new influencers will spring up on Tiktok 🙂

We’re on vacation rn,with the Fam and friends #croatia ????

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Some fan reactions to the change

Currently, the reactions to this switch are mixed. Some users have complaints and are bummed by the change, others are just fine with whatever happens.
“What?! They deleted MY private videos without my permission?! What if some of those were very important and THEY thought they can go on ahead and delete MY STUFF!!”, one fan angrily said. “I want musically back”, “CHANGE IT BACK TO MUSICALLY!!!! NOW THERES NO PIN O EVEN USING IT MUSICALLY WAS BETTER WE WERE MUSERS THERES NO SUCH THING AS TICK TOCKERS!!!”, others chanted.

“Go back to the old,old update this one make me wanna quit sm”….
“This is so perfect I love it”

Conversely, some people have embraced the change well. “I AM ENJOYING TIK TOK SO FAR!!!! I am gonna make every second count??”, one fan happily commented. “Imagine how musically change our lives. People that I met because of Musically but yeah, change is better.. gonna accept it but not that easy.” “I love it it’s actually nice”, “I wish it were called musically, but I LUV THIS UPDATE ?”

What are you are thoughts on the change? Leave comments below
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