Newest trends in Influencer Marketing right now!

Influencer Marketing is the hottest form of advertisement in 2018. Statistics, according to, say that millennials spend about 9 hours daily on social media! So, running your ad on any social media platform will definitely pay off. But what’s making the world of influencing go round now? Where are consumers’ tastes shifting toward? Here are the five new trends in the influencer industry:

newest trends
Some current trends in influencer marketing

Firstly, the number of influencers in the industry has taken a sharp rise. In every corner in every city, there’s at least 1 influencer. In the midst of them all, there are several strategies marketers employ, to know who to hire.

One of the hottest trends right now is the use of Nano Influencers. 

Yeah it’s all confusing as different types of influencers come up everyday. But in 2018, Nano Influencers are doing all the work. And who are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are basically people with a follower base of 2000-5000. You could see them as regular people with regular consumer behaviors. Due to this, marketers and brands are reaching out to them more. All for one reason–Authenticity.

There have been numerous articles on the importance of authenticity in influencer marketing. However, it’s hard these days to know who’s real because everyone is buying followers. Although recently Instagram and other third party web apps are making it easier to verify engagement rates, many ‘influencers’ are getting away with it.

So to deal with all this simpler, brands are now engaging more of nano influencers. Since they tell their small community about the products they love, they are trusted by their friends while creating valuable content for brands.

In fact, Kate Edwards, Chief Operating Officer of Heartbeat, an influencer marketing firm, has this to say:

“Brands have always known that word-of-mouth marketing works well, but it hasn’t been until now that we’ve had the technology to activate this channel in a scalable, cost-effective way,” Edwards explained to Forbes.

“Brands are moving away from influencers and celebrities, and more toward recognizing the voices of everyday consumers.”

Moreover, statistically, Nano Influencers have more than six times the engagement rate of macro and mega influencers. Simple reason: they don’t have fake followers and bots 😉

Male consumers relate to influencers more

Yup, seems shocking but the men are more influenced by Instagram stars. Generally, it is assumed women are more drawn to online celebrities and stars. However, Global Web Index revealed in August that men are more likely to seek ‘influencer advice’, before making any purchases–they just don’t make it known!

Research carried out by Global Web Index revealed this. Source:

Guess it’s a good thing to have many male followers!

Insta-preneurs is the new vibe

Among the influencer trends for 2018 is the prevalence of influencer bosses! We can’t exactly say who started this trend, but a couple of influencers have, well, influenced it. For instance, popular comedian, The Fat Jewish, warned influencers in July about a possible burnout. He further advised that they all got jobs or at least, something more tangible going.

And voila, they took the bait and run with it! Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, High Key, One0One clothing and many more are perfect examples. Recently, comedic influencer, @Blameitonkway opened his first restaurant and is now a food-preneur!

Travel influencing is arguably the most influential

“When we asked consumers which categories of celebrities or personalities they follow online, food stood out as the top option at 45%, followed closely by beauty and fashion”, reported Global Web Index. Yet, there is reason to believe that ‘travelgram’ makes the most impact.

Newest trends in Influencer Marketing right now!

The fact is, half the people that tend to follow Instagram’s globetrotters, make decisions because of them. Travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, flight deals and info etc, are all directly pushed across by them.


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Mediakix in a report on why travel influencing is the fastest growing said this:
“While influencers’ travels may be funded by the brands they’re promoting, they remain considerably more relatable than actors in tv ads. The draw of this relatability gives influencers a hold over Millennials, affecting their travel decisions and shaping their wanderlust.”

“In short, travel influencer marketing is the reason Millennials take more vacations, and Millennials are the reason these tactics work so well.”

Insta-homes: Yup, that’s a thing too now!

Remember when we wrote about an apartment in New York, dedicated to influencer photoshoots? Well it turns out that’s not the only one. And it can only get better from here!

Forbes reports that there are several other property owners getting into this line of business. For instance, in Los Angeles, the Museum of Ice Cream, is a picture hotspot for most influencers. Then there is the Mission Loft, with a more minimalist feel, if that suits you.


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On a separate note, there’s even a restaurant in Milan, that allows influencers pay for meals per their follower size!

But the point is, people and businesses are getting more creative with influencer marketing, and we can only trust time to allow these trends evolve.


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