NOOO..Did Shay Mitchell fake photos on her “Insta travel diaries”?

BUSTED! Famous actress and model, Shay Mitchell, has just been exposed for apparently ‘”faking” her Asian vacation photos!

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Looks like it’s faking season!!! Just a week ago, Kim Kardashian was said to have photoshopped her waist in an Instagram post! Now, in barely a week, we have another celeb following those footsteps?
Pretty Little Liars starlet, Shay, is allegedly the new victim of ‘fakery’ on Instagram. By taking a quick look at her profile, you’d realize she just got back from holiday, in Asia…

However, a thorough research done by StyleCaster reveals that Shay was sorta ‘not on vacay’. Geez! Now let’s check out the proof…

Shay Mitchell
Photo of Hong Kong’s ‘Monster Building’, Shay posted via IG story. Source: Instagram Story

Night views huh? Yet according to Stylecaster, Miss Shay ‘stole’ the photo from Canon’s travel blog.  She obviously cropped it and threw on a filter, you know, photoshop style *wink*. And the most glaring giveaway is the mouse cursor at the bottom left side of the photo. Haha, really Shay, reeaally?

Now here is the actual photo from Canon.
Actual photo of Monster Building in Hong Kong posted by Canon. Source: Pinterest

Unless Shay is working for Canon’s blog now, then it is safe to whisper that she “stole” the photo. Blimey!

And another one…

When buildings inspire your next nail polish change ?? #pastels

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So in this post, Shay implies again that she was in ‘Hong Kong’ and the baby blue color of this building inspired her next color choice of nail polish. Cute color though, except that this isn’t Hong Kong (actually Tokyo)  and the photo was posted way back in 2014 by photographer, Jan Vranovsky.
Wait what? 2014!? Now that’s some research skill you’ve got Shay.

“After a search, it appears that the picture from 2014 and is from photographer Jan Vranovsky, who took it in Tokyo, Japan—not Hong Kong”
 reported Stylecaster.


It is relevant to note that the initial caption for this photo included: “#pastels#ShaycationHongKong”
Some followers commented:
“Plus, it’s not the best quality, indicating that it’s not been straight up taken from a phone or camera. The vast majority of the other photos she posts are perfect quality. So explain that? ?☕”, said oryoucouldstay.
icountbeans also said, “I guess you realised your HK is actually Tokyo after all…” And then knoguera exclaimed, “@shaymitchell take this down. You stole it!”

It wasn’t over yet though, Shay clearly had more fun on holiday…

* Jingan Temple, Shanghai *

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Okay so as you should have already gathered, Shay did not go to Jingan Temple in Shanghai; @ShanghaiNowandThen did… in 2016. *Sips tea*

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In addition, there are about three other photos that prove beyond measure that Shay is a great researcher. But no need to elaborate. By now you should have gotten the point, lol. Good job, Stylecaster!

Yet interestingly, Shay Mitchell defends her stance that she did travel to Asia…

Yu Garden // Shanghai ?: taken by me.

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Shay includes in her caption, “taken by me”. Okay Shay, we see you…

View so nice it almost looks… fake.

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“View so nice it almost looks… fake.”  Haha some SHAY-de!

I was here. Montane mansion, Hong Kong

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Looks like someone learnt her lesson the hard way. In any case, this does not mean that all of Shay’s holiday photos are fake. She’s truly been to some of the places she posts.

So much for a ‘mouse cursor‘ ha! Do you think Shay really stole the photos or she indeed went to these places? Leave your comments below.
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