Not just your average Madrileño- Meet Alejandra Perez

In the heart of Madrid lies so much beauty and goodness. This great city is where you’d find Alejandra Perez; a blooming, kind and gorgeous, rising Travel Influencer. She’s passionate about sightseeing and always posts the best photos from her adventures. But today, Alejandra shows that its not all about the perfect picture. Her answers to our questions prove that she’s a simple girl who just tries to stay authentic and lives her life to the fullest…


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Alejandra is a true ‘Madrileño’, yes she was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her parents are both computer geniuses! “I’m the daughter of a computer engineer and a computer designer (so as you can see, I’ m surrounded by freaks haha)”Being the oldest of 3, she sure experienced a lot in her childhood. I traveled a lot as a kid. I did seven years in Saint Michael’s School in Madrid, where I met some celebrities, like Beckham’ s sons. Then, I did my senior year of high school in United States. When I came back, my parents got divorced so it was kind of a rough time for us… in September of the same year, I started psychology and went in Erasmus to Germany for a year”. 
Her time in Germany gave rise to her interest in Tourism, and that’s who she is today.

“When I returned from Germany I realized Turismus was my thing, so I went for it.”

When it comes to her hobbies, Alejandra has swayed from one extreme to the other. She started off introverted but today she’s a wild extrovert with much love for parties. My hobbies as a kid were playing the piano and reading. I got bullied in high school so, I basically read all the books of our library in town. But now, I have changed quite a lot. I enjoy going to the gym, mostly doing spinning and my favorite sport is skiing. I also like partying (if it counts as a hobby)”.
Even at the time of the interview, Alejandra was skiing!
“I’m right now at the Italian Alps teaching young French people my favorite sport (skii).”

Now isn’t that lovely and generous of her?

¿Cómo se quitan las agujetas? ???

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Moving on, we asked Alejandra her reasons for getting into the whole social media ‘biz‘.

But surprisingly, she thinks she’s not using social media to the fullest. “I enjoy much being on social media, but unfortunately I don’t pay much attention to my media as I should”. Ale has her own perspective about being an influencer. She insists that she does this to suit herself and impresses no one.

“I learned not much long ago, that it is important to give a positive image of ourselves and try not to please everyone, because you would certainly fail”.

So just as she’s said, her Instagram is basically about her usual life, nothing fake, nothing planned. My Instagram is based on my day to day life, for me it’s like a diary. I say to myself “make your grandchildren proud”. I travel a lot, plus I’ve been on TV a couple times. So I guess those are the two main reasons I have followers.’

Her inspirations are ones you would never guess! True to herself, she gets her motivation, not from ‘stars’, but from beautiful everyday people. I’m actually the fan of my fan! Hahaha it’s kind of weird, but I really admire a girl called Laura (@iamlauray). She has an admirable story and personality. Not to forget that she is as beautiful inside as outside.
I also admire a friend of mine called Miriam (@miriamdepablos), she’s from the Canary Islands and became really fast famous with her awesomeness. I would say, her day by day is the craziest I’ve ever seen! Those two girls are no celebrities but they certainly inspire me.”

Quien te mejora sin cambiarte ❤️?‍♀️

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Alejandra sees nothing as a challenge, no matter how hard it looks. Her response to how costly it is, to start as an influencer, is priceless! “I try always to overcome any challenge in life, but when it comes to social media… problems are a little bit harder to solve.” Moreover, Ale believes her personality, “my weirdness and crazy stories”, would make her stand out as an influencer. But as to whether she’ll create a blog, Ale is uncertain. “A blog? Not really, but who knows?”

Now we’re sure you’re wondering if this captivating Spanish damsel is single or taken. Well, hear it here first from the horse’s own mouth. ” It’s been a year… I’m single, and I’m happier than ever! My last relationship was for three years and we even shared a house. I realized and learned much from that. Don’t move in with someone until you’re 100% sure.” 

“I’m single, and I’m happier than ever… Don’t move in with someone until you’re 100% sure.”

To conclude our entertaining interview with Alejandra, we asked her how far she wants to go with being an influencer and her overall dream.

“I would like to go as further as possible to motivate people to do what I do. Travelling all around the world, staying in the destinations longer and learning not only the culture but also the language”.
“I’ve already learned four languages just by travelling and meeting new fantastic people.
Travelling is something no one regrets!”
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