One year old influencer shakes up the internet with $500 per post earnings!

Another day, another shocking revelation! So on top of having child influencers, turns out there’s a baby influencer, who’s just a year old. What makes this even more intriguing, is that this Brit makes more than $500 per Instagram post! And this has caused a storm on the internet, with people calling out his mother for using him as a ‘tool’.


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Ralphie is one of the luckiest kids alive! Not only does he make $500 for his photos, but his entire nursery was probably built off of gifts from brands. His mother, Stacey Woodhams, who runs his account, revealed that she has bagged more than £10,000 worth of freebies from brands, in exchange for having her son Ralphie Waplington model them.

The 28-year old says she started his account when he was only seven days old! With a lot of hard-work and strategy, Ralphie grew his 1000 followers to 15,000 and is now one of UK’s youngest influencers ever.

And truly she put in a lot of work, a whole lot

Stacey says that she had to do so much to build Ralphie’s brand and network. She disclosed to Triangle News that she had to ban other family members from posting photos of Ralphie. “If a photo of him in a tracksuit with snot running down his face and his hair is messy gets put on social media, that is not representative of the brands we are representing”, she explained.

Also, she put a system in place to post pictures at odd times, just to beat the algorithm. At 2am she’d upload his photos to get the attention of parents with newborns. She adds that money earned from his posts go back into further building his brand, as well as getting Ralphie treats.

So far, Ralphie has received more than 200 free outfits, bedroom furniture, toys and eight prams, while the family have been treated to free meals, salon treatments, luggage, a king size mattress, and trips to tourist destinations including Peppa Pig World.


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In return for all the hard-work, she’s rather getting criticized from the public

Stacey has been tongue-lashed and roasted online for making money off Ralphie. She says she has received countless hate mail from people, especially mothers, who believe she neglects her son.

One lady even said she’s too busy turning her son into a model. But indeed, Ralphie is a model and works for an agency. This does not differentiate him from child models who do actual TV ads. “I definitely put on a front so when someone calls you a bad mum, it really does hurt me,” Stacey lamented.

“It sounds awful referring to him a brand because he is a human and a child but essentially, the name that we have created is a business. And that’s what I’m trying to say to people when they bash me, this is a business”.

“It’s not different to me leaving the house at 7am and returning at 7pm but instead I have a job where Ralphie reaps the rewards and I get to spend all day with my son”, she added.

One-year old influencer shakes up the internet with $500 per post earnings!

Moreover, Stacey says that her son doesn’t even realize when she takes his photos. She insists that she spends genuine time with him. “It only takes a split second to take a photograph and I do all the editing when he’s asleep or Adam is home,” she further explained.

“I’ve worked really hard to achieve what we have achieved and everything I do is for Ralphie and his future”


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Hello Winter.. time to get #merinocosy @house_of_merino ❄️☕️🧣

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“There’s a lot of prep work. You can only photograph him if he’s in a good mood and he’s happy to play. I never force him to sit still, I just snap him in the moment so he’s none the wiser and it’s just like any other mum capturing a photo. He’s at that age where we can explain to him what we’re doing.”

However, Stacey says she can understand the angle her critics are coming from

The mother, nevertheless, can relate to the type of criticism she’s getting from parents.

“We’re exposing Ralphie to a life that’s he’s not had a choice in,” she admits.

“He’s not been able to say, ‘Yes mummy’, I want to do this’. Ultimately, we try and understand it from people with a negative opinion.”

Currently, Stacey runs workshops for parents who want to be social media influencers.

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