Pakistani Blogger calls out influencers for deceiving followers!

Influencer marketing has always had controversies circling around it. And this time, one of their own is making a claim. Pakistani Blogger, Naiha J. Eiman, recently went live in a rant on how some influencers mislead their audience. She alleged that they do not even use the products they advertise, before reviewing them to followers.“Why’d you call yourself an influencer if you’re going to lie and recommend products to followers for money?” she asked.


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Rebellious Brownie, as Naiha goes by, is livid!

The Pakistani blogger had had enough. The issue had been eating her up for days and after her followers encouraged her to speak up, she finally did.

In what she calls a ‘rant’, Rebellious Brownie was upset about the behaviors of her fellow influencers. She cited an instance where she herself was asked to review a product but declined because the brand did not want the ‘actual truth’ out there.

A couple of weeks later, she sees some bloggers giving positive remarks for that same product. But when she advised them about how bad the product was, no one cared!

Naiha even went a step further to leave a comment under one of these blogger’s posts. She said, “I did not like the product. I have used it and I will not recommend it to anybody”.

And guess what happened next? That’s right, her comment was deleted!


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Naiha pretty much said ‘sorry, not sorry’ for this one

“My intention wasn’t to offend anyone with this video so please don’t take it personally! I respect all the hard work you guys put into your work but this needs to stop! I’m sorry once again if I hurt you with my words”, she captioned.

Then she addressed the issue head on!

“A couple of weeks back an agency reached out to me to review a product. After using the product I told the agency that I will not review the product because I do not like it, and that if they want an honest review I can do that. The agency said no, they will take back the product and that I don’t have to review it for them”, Naiha started off.

“After a few days I saw a few bloggers reviewing it and I told hem that it’s not worth it and that they should not recommend it otherwise they will lose their credibility. Nobody listened to me”


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Things took a different turn when Naiha said she actually confronted the blogger in question, who ADMITTED to being in the wrong. But who cared, it’s all for the money.

“She still decided to take the brand’s side. The product was reviewed without being used”, Rebellious Brownie continued.

 “Be careful about who you follow and what you buy based on someone else’s recommendation because now I don’t know how many bloggers are out there who post about products without reviewing them. I want to be honest to my followers.”

Pakistani Blogger calls out other influencers for deceiving followers!

Even though Naiha refused to mention the brand or blogger’s name, her revelation resonated with many. Many came to her support, including bloggers in her own field.

Notably, Bia Alina and Fatima Haryani applauded her for coming clean with her motives. They gave her shout outs for the video.

“I care about the followers. Why do you call yourself an influencer if you’re going to lie about using certain products and recommend them to everyone”

This isn’t the first time influencer marketing has come under fire for ‘false advertisment’. For instance, top influencers were at the centre of the Fyre Festival scandal, when they were accused of promoting an event they did no checks on.

Then there was the issue where top entertainment stars including Floyd Mayweather, were paid to advertise a false cryptocurrency scheme.

The question now is, what are the measures to curb or minimize this? When does it all end?

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