The perfect body is an illusion, blogger implies

A blogger from California is showing us how to love ourselves, just as we were made. Casey Ho, who runs under the handle @blogilates, is telling her 1.4 million followers not to fall for the hype! In a series of Instagram posts, Cassey explains the concept of self-beauty by not following the ‘crowd’,


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“Please treat your body with love & respect and do not succumb to the beauty standard. Embrace your body because it is YOUR own perfect body”, Cassey emphasizes in her Instagram post. In a number of pictures, the fitness influencer summarizes how the idea of beauty has changed over the years. With this project, she wants to tell all that times will always change the ‘trend’ and dictate what’s ‘cool’. But knowing who you are and accepting your body will make you feel better than any tabloid’s ‘style prediction’ would.

She started off with an intriguing statement: “If I had the “perfect” body throughout history, this is what I’d look like.”

The perfect body is an illusion, blogger implies

Not in any order, here’s what the blogger had to say about different times and what the system saw as ‘trendy’.

1400-1700 The Italian Renaissance – Looking full with a rounded stomach, large hips, and an ample bosom is in. Being well fed is a sign of wealth and status. Only the poor are thin,” she described.

Then she goes on to say that centuries later, the idea of beauty totally took a different turn.

“1920s – Appearing boyish, androgynous and youthful, with minimal breasts, and a straight figure is in! Unlike the “Gibson Girl” of the Victorian Era, women are choosing to hide their curves, and are doing so by binding their chests with strips of cloth to create that straight figure suitable for flapper dresses”, she adds with a photo to back it up.

Fast forward she gets to 2000’s, the beginning of the millennial era. In this time, period as we can obviously see now, every woman wants to have ‘juicy’ body parts.

“Mid 90s-2000s – Big boobs, flat stomachs, and thighs gaps are in. In 2010, breast augmentation is the highest performed cosmetic surgery in the United States.👙 It’s the age of the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She’s tall, thin, and she’s always got long legs and a full chest.”

In 2018, this body type is everywhere–so much so that you can easily pay for it

“Mid 2010s-2018 – Big butts, wide hips, tiny waists, and full lips are in! There is a huge surge in plastic surgery for butt implants thanks to Instagram models posting “belfies”. 🍑 Even cosmetic surgery doctors have become IG-famous for reshaping women. Between 2012-2014, butt implants and injections rise by 58%.”

So the bottom-line of the issue is, “Why do we treat our bodies like we treat fashion?” The blogger poses this thought-provoking question to each and every one of us.


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“Boobs are out! Butts are in! Well, the reality is, manufacturing our bodies is a lot more dangerous than manufacturing clothes. Stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion,” Cassey screams.

Even cosmetic surgery doctors have become IG-famous for reshaping women. Between 2012-2014, butt implants and injections rise by 58%.”

Cassey herself admits to sometimes wanting a different body, but has come to realize that she loves herself–as slim as she is.

“You know, this project was so interesting to me because as I was looking at myself getting photoshopped, I thought that I might secretly like one of the results. But the super odd thing was…all of them didn’t sit right with me. Not one!”, she exclaimed.

“As obvious as it is to say this, I didn’t look like myself in the photos. I actually much prefer my body just as it is. Sure I’ve got a small butt, small boobs, a soft belly, and hip dips, but I’ve also got powerful legs, strong shoulders, and a figure that is all mine – unlike anyone else’s.”

In a nutshell, women have to love their bodies and feel comfortable in them. No need to go with the current vibe of getting a surgery or even photo-shopping your bodies to fit in on Instagram.

“You can’t just throw out a body part just because it’s “last season”!!! I mean, I guess you could, but you’re gonna lose a lot of $, time, and…blood. And seriously, are you going to let someone else tell you that the way your mother brought you into this world isn’t good enough?”

So,in the words of Cassey, “If you know a girl who needs to hear this message today,” please get her to read this article 🙂 

Amanda Lucy


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