Photoshopped posts? Travel Influencer finally comes clean

Not again! A travel influencer from Sweden has just admitted to photoshopping ‘some’ of her Insta posts. Johanna Olsson, while on a recent trip to France, posted pictures of herself. But it didn’t take long for her followers to notice something wrong with some of them. And when they asked, she pleaded guilty. Now that’s a new one lol!


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🌬 Ice cold

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Her skills weren’t the best, but Johanna was woman enough to admit it.

In the first photograph, Johanna can be seen sipping on wine at a luxurious restaurant in the Palais du Louvre. Fair enough, except there is a thin white line close to her body that gives her away. Her followers spared no time pouncing on her, with various funny comments about the ‘fake’ photo.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the fakest picture I’ve ever seen. You’re kidding right?”, one follower said. “Its not even the same damn chair 😂“, another added. “How fake can you get hahahahaha”


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Red wine and Paris fashion week 🍷 love my @aspinaloflondon bag customised for me at Les Galeries LaFayette

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But it didn’t end there. In a second photo, she is seen posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in an elegant dress draping over the stone wall where she sat. However, her followers were not having it, because again, the photo seemed to be heavily edited. The sunset was overly enhanced, in particular.

“Can someone help her photoshop her photos”, one user joked

The comments kept rolling in with people questioning whether she took the trip in the first place. “Come on, enough with photoshop. Buy a fly ticket please…”, one advised.
“Look at this account she faked going to Paris and photoshopped loads of pics hahahaha”, another added, while others asked her for picture editing tips.


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Parisian moments just before the dinner with @ingieparis #INGIE #INGIEParis #INGIEPARISSS19 advertisement

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But Johanna has spoken up, saying she did go to Paris but had to photoshop those pictures

After all the ruckus her posts had caused, Johanna finally decided to clear everything up. In an Instagram story, she began: “I wanted to talk a little bit about the pictures I posted in Paris.”

“So I did one picture, shot it and didn’t think it looked that nice … so I took a different background and put the background into it”, she explained.

“And when I put it up nobody noticed so I thought, ‘this is good’…So I admit it wasn’t my finest photoshop skills.”

However, Johanna expressed her disappointment in Swedish media who tore her apart and declared that all her travels were’ fake’.

“Now in Sweden this thing has gone crazy and TV shows want me to come on and talk about my ‘fake travelling’,” the influencer revealed.

“It’s a bit ridiculous, I think. There are a lot of influencers out there that Photoshop in birds, rainbows or crazy skies and I could do that but I don’t like that.”

“I just wanted to make that clear that I was in Paris, but I did photoshop the background,” she added.


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Paris 🖤 wearing @INGIEParis for their show yesterday. #INGIEParis #INGIE #INGIEPARISSS19 advertisement

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Photoshopped posts? Travel Influencer finally comes clean

Nevertheless, the influencer refuses to take down the posts. According to her, they are collaborations and are actually ‘nice photographs’.

“I’m not going to take them down because it’s a collaboration. And they’re nice pictures – it’s a good outfit!”

Oh well we couldn’t agree more, after all the harm has already been caused.

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