Pietro fires back at Sarah Lombardi for claiming she lost deals because of him

Famous German singer, Sarah Lombardi, has in a recent documentary revealed some private details about her career. According to the star, her ex-husband, Pietro Lombardi, was a factor when it came to her ‘stalling’ music career back then. “Of course, in the past I often had to cancel a job or two because of Pietro”, she claims. But Pietro calls this “Bullsh*t, that’s total bullsh*t!” Yikes!

Sarah launched her new album, “Back to me”, as her comeback into the industry. However, one question still lingered- why was Sarah on-the-low for so long? Well we get our answers in her new reality documentary, also called Back to me. Sarah used this as a medium to share with fans the motive behind the album, and how she’s managing as a single mother. And she, kind of, threw ex-husband Pietro under the bus too!

Sarah Lombardi ‘blames’ Pietro for her career being on hold

For more than a year now, Pietro and Sarah Lombardi have been separated. Both singers, though not together, still share a sacred bond because of their son, Alessio. Now it turns out Sarah had to put her career on hold for both her husband and son. “Of course, in the past I often had to cancel a job or two because of Pietro or my family simply didn’t have time to help me with Alessio…And before I put Alessio in any strange hands, it’s just more important to me that I’m there as a mom”, Sarah openly said in her TV show. Seems as if Pietro was not so supportive of Sarah’s career…or?


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But Pietro is having none of it. Calls it absolute “Bullshit”!

“Bullshit, that’s total bullshit. At the end of the day, I’m the father. If she asks me to take Alessio for two weeks, it’s no pain for me. I’m happy about every day I get to spend with my son. Sarah didn’t even ask me if I wanted to look after the little one for two weeks,” Pietro blasts. He responded to this in an interview with T-Online. 

“She recorded her album in Nashville. If she’s going to Nashville for two weeks, of course she wants to take the little guy. But I can’t just say I’m coming to Nashville to look after him. Sarah could have left him with me for two weeks, but she doesn’t want to, because then she wouldn’t see him. So she takes her granny with her so she can keep an eye on things. This is total bullshit, she had to cancel jobs because of me. A child is no obstacle to doing a job.” 

Pietro continues by claiming Sarah even owes some success to him

“I helped her rather than stood in her way. Or do you think a DSDS runner-up would ever have come out that big? We have benefited from each other. Let’s Dance’ had asked me, but I said I didn’t want to do it, take Sarah. That was her stepping stone – and I did without it.” 

Now this is getting real interesting; a ‘Rose War’, but hopefully not bloody.


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All the same, Sarah Lombardi stressed on her civil relationship with Pietro in that episode

As much as Sarah’s earlier declaration in the episode was a shot to Pietro, she insists they are still friendly to each other. “I believe that a friendly relationship between me and Pietro is extremely important. And now that works because we’re both very mature and very responsible,” she added further in the episode. So at least, for the sake of Alessio, the two are co-parenting just fine.

Das schönste Geschenk an Weihnachten ist ein Kinderlächeln ❤❤❤❤

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❤❤❤❤?? #wirhelfenkindern seid dabei 5.1 in Oberhausen ❤link in der bio ❤

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But as far as a romantic relationship is concerned, that ship sailed long ago.

Pietro said explicitly in an interview with Gala, earlier in the year, that they would NOT get back together- though they sleep together sometimes lol. “One thing must not be forgotten: we are not together, but we are still united,” said the 25-year-old man. “She is the mother of my son. And when she sleeps with me, she sleeps with me”. The divorce is final, even though Sarah has to maintain the name Lombardi. And with these new developments, a reunion looks almost impossible. However, with respects to their careers, they have both moved on fine. Pietro is yet to release a new video to his song, “Phenomenal”, starring the sexy model, Sandra Kaminska.

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