PreachersNSneakers– IG account calling out pastors for ‘splurging’

Once again, another ‘vigilante’ account, Preachersnsneakers, hits the gram. But this time, you could never guess who their target is. Yup–men of God, surprisingly. @preachersnsneakers is the latest buzz, exposing all preachers who are ‘swagging out’ on Instagram. “The Lord works in mysterious colorways” is their tagline, and just as mysteriously, the account has blown up– with over 120K followers in weeks!


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@erwinmcmanus in top to bottom off-white and FoG

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“Bad and Boujee? More like God and Gucci ayyyee.”

It turns out men of God are being watched by God…and Instagram!

The aptly named account, PreachersNSneakers, are out for a ‘righteous’ battle… or so it seems. All it does is post screenshots of popular preachers, who are clothed in rather costly outfits– especially sneakers, and pair those items to their price tags. And their captions are almost always a perfect fit!

Yet the most shocking thing is how the account blew up overnight.

With their first post dating to March 19, PreachersNSneakers has amassed over 125,000 followers in barely a month!


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John Gray icing EVERYBODY out in the Prayer Yeezy 2s. Ayo Kanye, I’m about to start raising support, COME THRU for ya boi

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What began as some kind of ‘joke’ is now gone viral

It all started as a mere Insta-story. The anonymous 29-year old sneaker fanatic, who created the account, was inspired when he stumbled on a photo on the internet.

“He was searching for a Christian song online and recognized an expensive and extremely rare pair of shoes that a worship artist was wearing”, Fox News reported.

Anytime he spots a sneaker, he consults StockXan online sneaker buy & sell shop, to estimate the price of a brand new pair. And so far, he has found shoes that cost not less than $300 a piece.

Some pastors who have fallen victim include pastors Carl Lentz, famous for baptizing pop star Justin Bieber, and Erwin McManus, founder of LA’s Mosaic Church.


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Fanning the flame with this Gucci heat!

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Pastor John Gray steppin out something MAJOR in the Ye’vangelical Red Octobers

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Is it about judgement, or it is a ploy to reveal how preachers are profiting off the ‘vulnerability’ of church funds?

Ever since PreachersNSneakers hit the scene, a heated debate about materialism among Christians has been incited. A quick glance over the comment section of these posts would tell you.

“This started purely as comedy for my friends, but it’s since turned into a much larger conversation…I want people to consider how they are stewarding their money and ask the same of their leaders.”

The guy behind the account admits these reactions are what he expected.

“I didn’t want to start any kind of movement or theological discussion, but I guess at the back of my mind I was commenting on it because it did seem ridiculous,” he said.

“Mack Brock, who was wearing those Yeezy’s that I saw initially. I did have the question of like how is he, like why is he wearing $800 resell sneakers? and why is Steven Furtick wearing these shattered backboard ones which are impossible to get in the retail market now?”

According to him, he feels these preachers need to “be aware of the optics that surround [them] in [their] positions.” 

While he cannot say how much exactly is ‘acceptable’ to be spent on shoes, he thinks church members need to know the amounts their icons are splurging on their looks.


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PreachersNSneakers– Viral IG account that calls out pastors for ‘splurging’

Interestingly, many people agree with him.

Users are leaving comments like; “disgrace, are they feeding the homeless?”, and “Tithe your 10% so he can live like the 1%”

Other comments, however, are in support of the preachers– stating that this debate is taking the minds of Christians off the “bigger” picture.

“Imagine making an instagram account dedicated to the footwear of a pastor and thinking you’re exposing them. Now imagine putting that same energy into sharing the gospel. Lol people really are distracted,” one user said.

“What you don’t get to see is that fact that many of these pastors don’t even take a salary from their church, and a couple even pay back the church for the salary they have been paid over the course of their employment after their book/music/etc. sales take off”, another said.


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@chadcveach movin in the spirit with the Adam&Yves Saint Laurent classics

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Meanwhile most of the users are just having fun in the comments

“Yeezus Christ is watching”, one joked. “Those better be dyed with the blood of Christ for that price tag”, another read.

“I’m bouta shut down the trap and open a church 😂🤣😂🤣”. “Pastor, please take off your shoes so that I can wash your feet.”

“Train up a child in the way he should drip”

Nevertheless, some of these preachers have reached out to the account, saying that most of their expensive clothing were gifted to them. Hmmmm

What are your opinions on this? Leave comments below

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