Profile of Super Travel Couple, Jeven & Rachel Dovey

In the world of Travel Influencing, love is everything. And this couple have been exploring the world ever since they fell in love. Starting off as business partners, this duo switches between the regular 9-5, and living an adventure. And it has paid off since! From partnering with big firms like Red Bull to a feature on National Geographic! Plus their influence is solid; their entire social media presence comes up to 610K followers. Meet the power couple, Jeven and Rachel Dovey, in this profile…

In their own words, “These adventure seekers are filmmakers by trade and world travelers by choice”.  But let’s go back to the start:
Jeven and Rachel met for one purpose only; to do business. According to them, they had no romantic plans at all. “We started out as business partners and grew a successful production company together in Los Angeles. We had no interested in each other when we became business partners”.  It took them a whole year to start seeing each other differently. “After about a year of being all business, we turned it into pleasure”, the couple added.

Traveling and blogging came into the picture soon after their relationship got serious.
“We got engaged on our first international trip together in Switzerland and from that moment on we knew we needed to make travel more than a once a year thing. We started planning the different places we wanted to explore and created our first Instagram. We started out as a joint travel couple IG, but then switched to personal accounts after a year because we realized that personal brands are stronger than joint couple brands. By growing our social media channels, we are able to make travel more accessible due to partnerships.  As our Instagram grew, more hotels were working with us and more brands wanted to help sponsor us on trips”.

On Instagram now, Jeven can be found on the handle @jevendovey and Rachel on @racheltonickdovey.

Going further, the couple spoke about their choice of blog. “When we are in Los Angeles all we do is work, work, work.  The best thing for our relationship is traveling and being away from the LA grind. Jeven loves being creative with his camera so whenever we traveled he would shoot.  It was a natural transition to start vlogging on our journeys and creating content for our social media”. Jeven has a successful Youtube channel with his name and it has over 115K subscribers.

Profiling super travel couple, Jeven & Rachel Dovey

In this section, we asked the couple some questions to get to know them more.

INfleur: Tell us three things (each) you love about your partner. 

The Doveys: Rachel is caring, driven & takes care of business.  Jeven is smart, playful & makes her look good in photos.

INfleur: What are some of your favorite things to do together?

The Doveys: Besides travel, we love to Hike & Bike around Santa Monica. This city is very busy with tourists but its very easy to escape it. A 15 min drive takes you right outside the city and you can hike in the Santa Monica mountains. It still shocks us every time we’re up there that we can be alone on these trails with so many people in the city below.

“Our favorite sport is coffee tasting. Rachel loves warm destinations while Jeven thrives on icy mountain tops”

INfleur: Tell us one interesting thing your followers don’t know about you two.

The Doveys: Rachel never travelled outside the country before meeting Jeven.  Rachel’s first trip was France, Italy and Switzerland where we got engaged.  Jeven travelled his whole childhood and decided to be a filmmaker when he was in elementary school.

INfleur: Stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you.

The Doveys: Sunglasses, unlimited fresh coconuts & each other 🙂

Awwwww how cute 🙂

Just as every other influencer, the Doveys admire and are inspired by other people in their niche.@Jordhammond & @sophiapope are amazing! We met them on an influencer trip and we became best friends instantly. @chrisburkard is a very inspiring photographer. On YouTube, Kara & Nate are amazing travelers to follow and if you’re looking for any how to’s for filming or photography then you gotta follow Peter Mckinnon.

Full bloom in Tokyo is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before ?

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Furthermore, the Doveys described their best travel adventure so far.
Ecuador has been our favorite trip in the last few years.  There is so much to see and do.  The best part is that its somewhat undiscovered.  There are spots that are touristy but for the most part we had such an amazing experience without all the downsides of over tourism.  The country is super safe and we drove around for 2 weeks in a tiny car with no issues.  Best part was making friends with the locals and having drinks with all the travelers who were passing through.  You get a little of everything in this country, jungle, huge mountains, beach and of course the islands. Jeven is going back this year to climb Cotopaxi which is over 19,000 feet!” 

In addition to all these, the couple are having a thrill time on Instagram and with the brands. “Instagram is great!  We’ve found its an easy way to network with other creators and brands.  We have worked with many companies such as Royal Caribean, RedBull & National Geographic all from our content that we’ve created on our social media”. 

You can access their NatGeo feature here.

Finally, Jeven and Rachel tell us about their plans the rest of the year. Individually, they have their career goals and won’t stop till they achieve them; Jeven more passionately. “Jeven is creating a Creator Film School, to teach others how to use their cameras and get paid to create content while traveling. His goal is to help and inspire others to travel the world & make money doing it!  (the film school will be available on jeven’s site later this year)”.

“Together we hope by creating awesome
content about special and unique
places that people will be inspired to go beyond their comfort zones and explore the world too!” –

Jeven & Rachel


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