“Public Lands Hate You”– Account dedicated to stopping influencers

It is no secret that the activities of influencers affect the environment sometimes. Yes, they may have gotten away with it in the past, but it looks like their time has run out. ‘Public Lands Hate You’, is the latest Instagram account, dedicated to stopping influencers from some of these ‘behaviors’. And their bio says it all– ‘People “doing it for the gram” are prioritizing profit, fame, and “rad pics” over the health and future of our favorite places. Who else is fed up?’


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Here we have six photos. These photos were posted for a combined 375,000 followers to see. All the “Influencers” in these photos appear to be trampling wild flowers. None of them said anything about proper wildflower behavior in their original posts. These photos shout “it’s ok to go off trail and kill wildflowers for cool pics” to 375,000 people. Imagine the impact of just 1% of those people following in these “Influencers” footsteps. . . . 1% is 3,500 people wandering through the flowers, creating new trails, hindering the ability of the next generation of wild flowers from creating this beauty for the rest of us next year. These people should be using their influence for the greater good. Not this. . . . All of these “Influencers” have been informed that what they are doing is wrong. And yet, here are these pictures. Still up. Gathering likes. And suggesting that this kind of behavior is ok. I think I’m going to be sick. Share this with everyone you know who loves our public lands. We can make a difference together. . . . #forprofit #profitfirst #publiclandshateyou #protectourplaces #deathby1000cuts #disrespect #selfish #ignorance #peoplesuck #illegal #publiclands #superbloom #superbloom2019 #poppy #poppyfield #ourpubliclands #protectyourpubliclands #seesomethingsaysomething #wildflowers #wildflower #trampled #flowers #highimpact #leavenotrace

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Public Lands have known no peace ever since influencers arrived!

This is basically the point the account is trying to make–Influencer tourism is intentionally causing the depletion of public lands.

So the anonymous manager of this account lives in the Pacific Northwest, California. This region is particularly known for the abundance of poppies— a colorful, flowering plant. And wherever there’s beautiful scenery, you’re sure to find influencers in their numbers.

Whether it is to promote themselves or a brand, these poppies serve as perfect backdrops for influencer photoshoots. Sometimes, however, lying within the poppy field or picking them out, is not so cool.

In fact, these activities ‘wreck delicate natural ecosystems’— the reason Public Lands Hates You was created.

And it’s more than just ranting; it is a whole movement– with a line of action! In an interview with Jezebel.com, the account owner revealed that he is not only “gently trying to educate influencers about the damage”, but also contacting sponsors about it.


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The account owner explained his motivation for this cause

Not surprisingly, the IG account, Joshua Tree Hates You, is his inspiration. “I think they were the first account to do this, and I jumped on the bandwagon”, he said. That account, by the way, started this type of movement against people who vandalized the popular Joshua Tree National Park.

“In the last five years, I’ve also noticed a marked increase of disrespect towards the land. People having campfires where they’re not supposed to or leaving trash or carving their initials in the trees or rocks”, he further explained about his drive for this.

“I just got tired of it and thought, well… how do I let some of my frustration about this out? And so I said, let’s put this on the internet like everybody else”

In the interview, he declared that his actions have attracted threats from influencers

Actually, this is why he chose to be anonymous in the chat. He revealed how his movement, which has nearly 20,000 followers, have made him some ‘influencer enemies’.

“I’ve gotten threats from people, mainly influencers who have lost sponsors”, he said.

He went on to cite a brush with an influencer who, absurdly, was advertising a Jeep on the fields.

“That’s fine, the angle for that one, they’re on the trail but made it look like they weren’t”, he said about it. He commented, “You guys should stay on the trail if you’re in a Jeep.” But he was slapped with an instant, “F*ck you, you’re not my mom,” response.

“Previously it was graffiti on rocks in national parks, but the superbloom is the thing of the moment. Influencers see this cool thing, do what they need to do to promote their products or take a cool picture. And then they move on to whatever else is cool”

Moreover, Public Lands Hate You gets reported as often as you can imagine.

It’s a very, very fine line with Instagram. A lot of comments get reported. My posts all get reported immediately. After I post a post now I’m almost immediately limited in commenting. I can’t post again for a while”, he explained.


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Public Lands Hate You thinks education is the first step, then sanctions next

“So the first step is the educational part. It’s not my goal to see a picture and just say, “Hey, my personal opinion here is this person is doing something illegal”, he told Jezebel.

“The goal isn’t necessarily to shame people but peer pressure does work. And the internet is a two-way street”

He added that most often, this approach has been effective. “A lot of times the photos do get taken down. A lot of these sponsored posts have come down”.
One time, he posted a rant about a Youtube post, and it was taken down the very next day.

Furthermore, his other trick–calling out sponsors and brands has even worked better, he disclosed. “I reach out directly to the sponsors and say, ‘We saw that XYZ is trying to sell these fingernails in a poppy preserve and that’s not cool and we won’t support your company because of that’”, he said.

“What really gets influencers’ attention is when a sponsor reaches back out and says, ‘Take this post down, it’s not cool and you’re painting our company in a negative light.”


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“Public Lands Hate You”– IG account dedicated to stopping influencers

On a conclusive note, the 31-year old leader of change says that all he truly wants, is for people to know the rules, and abide by them.

“Stay on the trail. Don’t pick the flowers. Walk on durable surfaces. Just the bare minimum. That’s really all I’m looking for”

“In my perfect world, I’d like to see people who do the research beforehand, know the rules, see if they need a permit for commercial photography, bring a trail map, see if drones are allowed, and when they get there, read the signs”.

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