Ray Diaz, fitness influencer, accused of assaulting 17yo girlfriend

Ray Diaz, 33, was apprehended by Los Angeles Police Department last Friday, for an alleged assault. This follows a viral video, where the fitness influencer is heard yelling, and hitting his model girlfriend, Angelica Salek. In fact, Angelica (17) herself posted the video — and now everyone wants justice for her.

Ray is in a lot of trouble!

Top fitness influencer, Ray Diaz, is the new subject of ridicule, after news broke out that he’s been abusing teenage girlfriend, Angelica Salek.

In a since delete video, Angelica Salek shared with the world one such incident of abuse from their year long relationship. You would hear a man, allegedly Diaz, screaming, threatening Salek with violence, and then a ‘smack’ sound after he hit her.

The video was, however, re-shared on various platforms, including one from famous Youtuber Keemstar. In fact, Keemstar brought more light to the issue through a YouTube interview he had with Angelica. There she revealed that their relationship began when she was 16, and how much she suffered while it lasted.

“I was just so scared always because he would yell at me always,” she said. ” … It was my fault if somebody would ever have any suspicions that him and I were dating. He would yell at me for hours”, Angelica added.

She also described a recent incident on July 3 when Diaz forced her to hide in his bed’s box spring when police arrived searching for her”, BuzzFeed News wrote.

“I had to be quiet and not make a sound,” she said.

Ray Diaz responds to viral video allegations — calls it fake.

While everything was unfolding, Ray took a minute to debunk all claims. He had a Facetime interview with theholloywoodfix.com, where he said said the entire video was “fake”.

“It was fake. It is acting lessons, and it does sound crazy, but it is an acting bar. It’s something you learn in acting class if you studied in New York City. It’s just screaming and yelling, and I do this before every single audition with Angelica just to get the juice flowing — the emotions flowing.”

He further posted a video on his Twitter, explaining how Keemstar wants to defame and use his name for clout.

But Angelica revealed later to Keemstar that it was all a lie. According to BuzzFeed News, Diaz “coerced” the teenager into lying — going along with his story of it being an acting lesson.

“That was a lie that Ray and I made up to try to cover the situation. It was real,” she said.

“It was such a tough situation because I wanted to help him and I was feeling guilty, and I didn’t know what to do in the situation.”


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Support has been rolling in for the teenager

Since Diaz got arrested last Friday, it’s been nothing but love and encouragement for Angelica.

“What you went through is haunting and no one should ever be a part of that. Stay strong you have so much to live up to. Those thought of you ending it shouldn’t be a thing anymore… you’re safe (:❤️”, a fan wrote.

“Thank you for speaking out it takes a lot of strength to do what you did 😊”, another wrote.

Elsewhere, some are worried for her safety, especially after she was reported missing for a week, since news broke out.

“He’s manipulating her and controlling her by guilt tripping her into believing he is better for her than her own family. Similar incident happened to me. She needs to be kept far away from him and get help for some clarity. She is young and very vulnerable,” one person wrote on Salek’s page.


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find your voice and use it🌩

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Meanwhile Ray Diaz is out on a $500,000 bail, while investigations continue.

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