Real vs Edited: Popular IG couple show how photos really look

Before Instagram came along, no one really cared about taking perfect pictures. But today, popular Instagram couple, Marie Fe & Jake Snow, are proving the lengths at which influencers go to sell perfection. On their second Instagram account, the duo show their photos before & after editing, and you’d be shocked at the variance!


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Real vs Edited: Yes this couple is beautiful and all, but editing makes them even cuter!

“The German-American husband-and-wife-to-be are known for their romantic photos set in beautiful, exotic locations, and their editing has helped them create a unique photo style”, INSIDER wrote.

Maria and Jake have close to 500,000 followers, and their feed is proof why.

With most of their posts set in Bali, and other aesthetic destinations, their photos are to die for! So it comes at no surprise finding out they have a helping hand in achieving this.

And they let out all their secrets on a second Instagram account, @mariefeandjakesnowpresets, where they advertise and sell photo editing filters.

Real vs Edited
Marie and Jake show their before and after edits on Instagram. Source: Instagram – @mariefeandjakesnowpresets

“When we take and edit photos for Instagram our thought process and our desired outcome is very different to when we take photos for our website or for personal use,” they told INSIDER

Real vs Edited: Marie and Jake give some tips on how to make pictures more ‘Instagrammable’

Still talking to INSIDER, the couple shed some more light on how to get the best shots.

“Have Instagram in mind when you take a photo”, their very first tip read.

“Our main focus when we post a photo on Instagram is to grab people’s attention when they are scrolling down their feed. With this in mind we want to create a photo that is personal and truly captures the emotion we were feeling at the time”, they said.


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“Develop a unique photo style” was the second tip they offered.

“In terms of editing and becoming successful on Instagram it is extremely important to create your own unique style and then keep a consistent theme across your page,” they said. “You want to create imagery that your audience can recognize is yours”.

“The only way you can achieve this is by consistently producing photos with your own personal touch over a long period of time. We made this process easier for ourselves by creating presets that reflected our unique style which we could then use as a base for all our edits”

Real vs Edited: Popular IG couple show how their photos really look

One other vital thing Marie and Jake said was that we need to “keep tweaking until it’s perfect”.

Yup, the couple advised us to edit our photos with ‘no cap’.

“Once we’ve applied a preset we will adjust slightly where we see fit,” they explained to the magazine. “We will crop the photo to the maximum size Instagram will allow (1350×1080, 4×5) and add gradient filters to bring in some directional exposure/light from whichever direction the sun was coming from in the photo”.


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Their final tips were on getting an extra hand if the need be

With the help of a tripod and sometimes a photographer friend, Marie and Snow produce these eye candies, and are urging all to try too.

“Our Instagram was born from photos that were 100% taken from our tripod with some sort of self-timer,” they continued.

“Now we travel with our good friend Elliot, who takes most of our photos… We work as a team to creatively plan, prep, and execute photo and video shoots”.

“Together as a team and now having a third person we are able to create imagery that we never could have before”.


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Marie & Jake are also popular for exposing how tourism has led to the pollution of the famous ‘pink sand beach’

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