Samantha Last: Beauty blogger reveals she has few weeks to live

Very sad news as popular British beauty blogger, Samantha Last, shares news of her own death. According to the blogger, a lingering headache turned out to be brain cancer, and a death sentence too! Samantha says she has only a few weeks left and her fans are terrified.


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Samantha’s last farewell is heartbreaking

Nothing worse than knowing how long you have to live. But sadly, this is the plight of budding 49-year-old beauty blogger, Samantha Last, who has a few weeks to go.

In a YouTube video dubbed “My Final Farewell/ My Worst Week”, the blogger — actually vlogger, explained everything to her subscribers.

The mom-of-four said it started with a “splitting” headache and a minor ear infection, which she sought medical attention for. Only to be informed she was suffering from a “rare and aggressive form of brain cancer,” the LadBible reported.

“Just a matter of days later she was told by doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital that there was no treatment available that could help her and that her cancer was terminal,” they added.

Her husband, David, further revealed that she had up to four (4) weeks on earth.

“It’s been amazing, I’ve loved every second,” Samantha sadly shares

Her YouTube channel has over 15,000 subscribers, since she began in 2014 — after being made redundant from a call center job. The vlog, called Samantha Jaelle, focuses on makeup and beauty for older women.

In an emotional farewell video to followers, she said: “It’s been amazing, I’ve loved every second.”

“It’s not going to get better. That’s what I am coping with at the moment. I can’t hide it anymore,” Samantha Last tragically added.

Samantha, who has been married to her husband for 30 years – and is also a grandparent of seven, made it clear that this video, released on Saturday, would be her last.

“I am so sorry this is such a horrible message. But I wanted you to share the final part of my journey.”

“I am so, so sorry it’s a horrible message I am sharing. If anyone sees me out I am not my usual glamorous self. I am never going to be my usual glamorous self,” she said.

“All that matters is to be comfortable and to be with my loved ones and you [the subscribers to her channel].”

Ahead of her diagnosis, she suffered a few weeks of ill health. “But nothing major — just ear infections,” she said.

“A week ago I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. But, I am not going to get over this. All I can do is minimize at this stage. Be comfortable.”


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Devastation among fans and family

Samantha’s husband, David, is saddened by the news of his wife’s predicament. He revealed to The Sun, how she awoke exactly a week ago at 2 a.m. suffering from a terrible headache.

“She asked for paracetamol so I knew it was serious. She never wanted painkillers, even during childbirth she turned them down,” he said.

David, 51, breaking down said he and the children were remaining cheerful for Last’s sake but that she was “worsening by the day.”

Furthermore, her video has been watched 110,000 times so far and sad comments have been pouring in.

“I am so, so sorry. This is just heartbreaking. You are so kind and wonderful- and I hope you can have just the absolute best opportunity to bond with your loved ones. I am thinking of you, praying for you,” a fan wrote.

“This ripped my heart out. i’m so so so sorry you’re going through this 😭💔,” another wrote.

“Let’s make this video get on trending!!!!! She deserves to be able to see a plaque!!!! Sending prayers ❤️,” a positive fan pleaded.


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Samantha’s last appeal to all is funding for a “final road trip across the UK”, with her husband and family. She hopes to visit her favorite places which includes the beach, savoring in her final moments. Some of the money would also be used to organize a funeral for her.

She adds that she’s not asking anyone to break the bank– just a few pence — while breaking down in tears.

For this a GoFundMe page has been created for sympathizers.

“Keep the positivity coming my way. YouTube has been amazing, I have loved every second and I loved meeting all of you. I love you all… and best wishes. Hope to see you all very soon,” she tearfully concludes.

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