Scam?–Influencer charged $500 fee for classes which didn’t come off as planned!

Travel influencer, Aggie Lal, is now in trouble for an alleged ‘deal gone wrong’. The influencer, who has nearly 1M Instagram followers, organised an ‘exclusive masterclass’ content creator program. This program cost $500 per head and was to be run for 12 weeks. However, participants are now complaining that they didn’t get their money’s worth.


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Aggie, who goes by the name @travel_inhershoes on Instagram, is a popular travel influencer who visits all the dreamy destinations you could think of! Bali, Maldives, Morocco, Greece are just a few of her numerous globetrotter spots–and her Instagram has a lot to show for it.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when Aggie had organized a 12-week class on content creation skills. It was dubbed, “How to grow your Instagram”, with the tagline– “the behind the scene[s] of going from being a broke traveler to becoming a six figure earning travel blogger.” Topics like how to build your audience, business, interviews, photography, and video editing skills, were featured.

Even though the course cost a hefty $500 fee, Lal told Buzzfeed that she believed it was worth it. “I wanted the price to be a little ‘painful’ so it feels like an investment and will discourage people who are not serious about blogging as their future to participate,” she said, adding that she would be keeping the class small to “make sure [she] can be reachable to students.” 

The class was scheduled to run from Sept. 17 to mid-December, with new materials released every week.

More or less, Aggie was set to teach people to become like her. Sounds great right?

So why is she being called a ‘scammer’?

Well apparently, students who enrolled for the class think they’ve been cheated! In fact, the whole class is now being referred to as a ‘scam’.

According to people who took the class, Lal tried to enlist her newly enrolled students as salesmen for her class–even before they finished their own course. Also, she stopped posting instructional videos, andenl didn’t come through with a chunk of her promises about the course.

Lal had registered 380 students, bringing her total revenue to almost $190,000. Due to this, lots of people are now convinced that she just duped them.

“One unnamed participant was so dismayed by the quality of the course that she wrote a post to Medium about it. The writer, who calls herself Wannabe Influencer, wrote that the first week of the class was great. Then things quickly went south – Aggie issued a “challenge” to students… to sell her master class to some of the students’ followers”, the reported.


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Wannabe Influencer’s post said a lot about the course

In her article called, “I Was Scammed by a Celebrity Influencer”, Wannebe influencer accused Aggie Lal of tricking them into a ‘pyramid scheme’.

“Week 1 kicked off with her intro, some book recommendations, and a challenge. The challenge was to get someone else to sign up for the course. She would be providing affiliate links for every single student and wanted us to influence someone else to take the class. The confusion spread rapidly. The Instagram Course straight up seemed like a pyramid scheme”, she explained.

“How could we ask our own followers to purchase a $500 Instagram Course that we had barely started ourselves?”, she wrote.

Another red flag Wannabe Influencer raised was the fact that Aggie claimed to not have good enough WiFi to post tutorial videos. “A video featuring Q&A’s from some of the biggest influencers around,” wrote Wannabe.

“Sure, we saw the influencers in Aggie’s stories, but those videos were never uploaded. Why? Because she doesn’t have WiFi! Then how did she upload a new YouTube video?! And post daily on Instagram? Final week’s videos? Hasn’t happened! The Final bonus Implementation week? Nada. Aggie disappeared.”

Influencer Fraud?–Influencer charged $500 fee for classes which didn’t come off!


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In this Instagram Post, Aggie Lal responded to all accusations–offering a refund

“I woke up to terrible news that some of the students in my Mastertribe course felt disappointed with it”, she began. Aggie further said she’s prepared very well for the class, stating it took her long months.

“I was heartbroken because this course was my baby, which I’ve been working on since June. It took me and my team months to create almost 9 hours of video classes”, she added.

Moreover, she explained the whole WiFi situation, insisting that she truly had connection issues–as well has personal health ‘hurdles’.

In the end, Aggie apologized for everything and offered a refund to dissatisfied students.

“I want to sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart who anyone who feels like what I shared wasn’t enough. I already spoke to each Mastertriber directly and offered to anyone who felt disappointed in the whole situation a full refund (to be processed by this Sunday).”

Meanwhile, the class is still open for enrollment here.

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