Sia Cooper, fitness influencer, responds to fan for body-shaming

Sia Cooper is a well-known fitness influencer, with over a million followers. She runs the account @diaryofafitmommyofficial, has an active blog, and is fond of regularly engaging with her audience. But one of such engagements took a left turn, after a fan wrote a ‘mean’ comment about Sia’s body. This fan (a man) said her small breasts made her look like “a young boy.” However, the influencer hit back with the best response you could think of.


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The fitness influencer was shocked when she read the comment

Cyber-bullying is getting out of hand these days, and this is a clear example.

Insta-famous fitness blogger, Sia Cooper, is one of the coolest there are. She’s often posting tips and advice on health & fitness. She’s also one who shares her personal life and decisions, so people can relate and learn from her experiences. Clearly, Sia has a radiant online personality.

So the blogger had the shock of her life when a follower wrote this comment. On a photo she posted recently, Sia had included a photo of the vile message this person wrote. It read;

“Because flat chests are more of a middle school thing, unless you like middle school chests your [sic] gonna want a woman with a grown up body…and women are gonna want to keep their breasts because it literally makes them look and feel sexier”.

Speaking to INSIDER, Sia revealed how shocked and disgusted the comments made her feel.

“I was honestly shocked. I had just gone through this liberating, new journey of having my implants removed and his comments were a punch in the gut — at first“, she said.


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“I realize that I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is unacceptable for women to have to endure this type of harassment and body shaming — especially from a man”

Sia shared her feelings in a lengthy Instagram post

“Earlier this week, I was attacked by a man regarding my breast size. Since removing my breast implants last year, I haven’t had much negativity.. until this particular person. He told me that flat chests were meant for middle school and that a real woman had a ‘grown up body.’ Oof”, she wrote on a photo she posted.

Sia Cooper added that she blocked this user, but he created multiple accounts to troll her further.

“You know what? My body and my natural breasts are not here for YOUR entertainment. If you’re a man and you’re here for this reason-you’re barking up the wrong tree”

“Men like you are the reason why I felt pressured into getting breast implants in the first place when I was perfectly fine to begin with”, she continued. Sia explained how happier she’s felt since removing her implants.

“Removing my implants has given me more confidence than I have had in years and I reminded myself that looks — and especially boobs —fade.”

“I do not need big boobs to be happy or feminine. I sure as hell don’t need big boobs to please anyone. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve got more important things to worry about. I am living MY best life. Emphasis on MY.”


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Sia Cooper, fitness influencer, claps back at fan for body-shaming her

Still talking to INSIDER, Sia explained that her goal was for “women and girls to exude nothing but self-confidence, no matter what other people tell them, or what they see on television or social media”.

“I want them to know that they are perfect the way they are, as cliche as this may sound,” she said. “It took me years and years to realize this truth and girls these days are feeling less and less happy with themselves beginning at a young age.”

Everyone has their own preferences of how they want to look, and “just because it does not suit someone else’s taste, doesn’t mean it’s unworthy or wrong,” she added. “This man had no clue about my journey and what I had previously gone through so I understand his comment came from a place of ignorance, but it still isn’t right.”

Moreover, back on Instagram, the fitness influencer attracted lots of praise for sharing this.

“Omg this guy is so dumb!!!!!! You look amazing!!! It’s about being healthy and feeling good from the inside out! 🙌🏽”, fellow influencer @mitch_madrigal wrote.

“UGHHHHH!!! This makes me so mad! You are someone who promotes health and self care and acceptance and this is absolutely ridiculous. You look gorgeous and happy and that misogynist jerk can suck a rock. You’re amazing!💛”, another influencer wrote.

“Sorry to hear that someone had to reflect their own insecurities by attacking you. You look amazing, and we love that you promote body positivity and health! (Your workouts are 🔥) Social media can sometimes be so negative. Sending you lots of love and good vibes for all of the positivity you spread on here! 💕”

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