Sophia Spallino: Influencer to wed man she met on IG, who’s twice her age!

The digital age is making it so easy to find love. From a small blunder, 54-year-old entrepreneur, Robert Croak, chanced on the Instagram account of Sophia Spallino (27). Yet he hit the follow button and never looked back. Fast forward to a year or so, the pair are ready to tie the knot and have kids! Isn’t that cute?


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It started with a DM, and they hit it off soon after

While looking for the profile of his friend’s niece, Robert Croak found Spallino’s instead. And when he sent a screenshot of the profile to his friend, he realized the mistake.

He hit the follow button though, since he found the account interesting. And then, he decided to send Sophia a message to applaud her work. At first, Sophia was surprised by him approaching her due to the differences in their age, yet they “connected instantly”.

“Before they knew it, they were Face-timing each other for hours every day, and when they both then felt ready to meet up, Sophia travelled from her home in Louisiana to meet him for their first date,” Yahoo News reported.

“Our mutual passion for entrepreneurship was the foundation of a beautiful friendship that quickly blossomed into a romance,” Spallino told Yahoo News.

“I remember this intense moment of pure connection as we shared that first kiss, both looking deeply at each other and feeling so close.”

Plans of marriage and kids are in the pipeline

Just like any other serious relationship, the couple are already planning a beautiful future together.

“We talk about the future all the time. Within the next two years, we plan on engagement, marriage, and a baby. Just one. We both want just one,” Sophia Spallino added.

And even though their relationship has been long-distance for the most part, their main issue was coming out with the news of it.

At first, I kept our relationship a secret from my friends and online followers; Robert was a mystery man and I would blur out his face until we were ready, confident we were pursuing a life-long partnership, and ready to address the age gap publicly,” Sophia explained.

“My family was a bit hesitant to believe that this could work long-term. But about six months into the relationship, they met Robert,” she added.

“After meeting Robert, you realize he is a thirty-four-year-old in a fifty-four-year-old’s body but with much more respect and honor for women.”

The fashion influencer eventually came out to her friends and followers as well, and it has been nothing but great vibes since.

“Everyone was just so excited we are happy; that kind of happy makes other people happy.”

Underneath their posts on Instagram, so many people are rooting for them.

“Girl I looooove this. Your happiness is visible!!!! God is good!”, one person wrote.

“This is so beautiful. Congratulations on finding love!”, another said. “Amazing !! You guys are the cutest ❤️“.


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Spallino also had a Q&A session on her Insta-Live to address any queries her followers had.

“Life is too short to say, ‘No, we can’t be together based on numbers’, I found him when I needed him the most and he found me.”

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