The REAL struggle behind perfect Instagram photos, reveal travel influencers

We all see and love the finest and most creative photos on Instagram. But have we ever imagined the kind of work that goes into painting those perfect pictures? Read the account of a traveler, who describes his ‘picture-perfect’ experience as ‘dehydrating and terrifying‘. Now you’d definitely give influencers more credit than is due..

Adam Bub is the commercial editor for Mamamia, an entertainment and lifestyle website. And even he experienced one heck of a hard time trying to get that legit shot. After his road-trip to the Mojave Desert in the US, he wrote, “Seven kilometres full of pebbles later, with about a drop of water left in our bottles, we arrived in the blistering 35-degree heat at the ex-retreat, now a scientific research centre. There were cars but no one in sight. It was like a horror movie. I made my partner search the premises with me for those swings – we found them, and the mineral springs. 

“I look so happy but I was dehydrating, burning and ever so slightly terrified”.

It wasn’t only Adam who had something to say, nine other travel influencers shared their experiences

According to Mamamia, 43 per cent of us (travel influencers) spend time and effort getting the ‘right’ shot, while 10 per cent of us try to nail the perfect ‘pose’. The average time we take to get that shot? Ten… whole… minutes.”

One influencer, Laura, described her perfect Maldives shot as actually bloody hard to get.

Laura says that this beautiful photo we’ve seen over and over again on Instagram is no walk in the…water! “So we had to swim under those over-water bungalows because we weren’t staying in one, and then out to the hammock. It was windy and the hammock kept swaying so my husband had to get on it first so it would stop moving. Then we had to try and pose so it looked like we were relaxed instead of about to fall off. We took the photo with a drone, if you’re wondering!”

It was windy and the hammock kept swaying…Then we had to try and pose so it looked like we were relaxed instead of about to fall off”

Whoa! Talk about a stressful photograph.

Then Leigh shared her waterproof experience in Iceland

“The Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik is one of the most unique and interesting places on earth, so there was no way I wasn’t getting pics! Believe it or not my phone was actually inside a plastic waterproof case here that hung around my neck – they sold it at the entry to the Lagoon. So clever. That way I was able to swim and still capture memories.”


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On this day one year ago. #bluelagoon #Iceland

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And Joe’s champagne shot was a bloody one…

The bottle didn’t pop immediately, but a nerve did!

“They say a picture can tell 1000 words, but it can’t tell a good backstory! In order to capture this seemingly effortlessly ‘natural’ shot, my partner cut his foot on a rock, my brand new iPhone X of only one week almost ended up at the bottom of the water. It took a good 20 minutes to capture the ‘perfect’ Instagram worthy snap. I tried the champagne two hours later after it was re-chilled again (it had a severe case of the sweats). A little filtering was applied and my partner ended up with a very wet backside from squatting down and most likely in 30 years, will contribute to the need of a knee replacement!”

“In order to capture this seemingly effortlessly ‘natural’ shot, my partner cut his foot on a rock!”

The real struggle behind perfect Instagram photos, reveal travel influencers


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There were several other interesting and ‘struggly’ stories. Like Tiff who crashed into a tree in Amsterdam, for wanting a great bicycle picture;  Amy who itched and froze in a tub in Bali and Rebecca who watched her delicious ice cream melt away before she could take a bite!

Nonetheless, whatever the case may be, we all need to credit influencers and travelers for bringing us Instagram-worthy pictures. It’s bad enough that they need a catchy caption to get the likes!


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If only you guys knew the debacle that was this Gelato 😂 if you click on the link in my bio you can see it all unfold 🤭

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Got any other experiences to talk about? Tell us about them in our comment section.

Source & Credit: and DailyMail UK

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