“It takes me 3 days to make videos”- says Katie, mother of famous internet child, Mila

Adorable Mila definitely wears the crown of child comedy. She’s cute, sassy and hilarious. If you don’t know Mila Stauffer, then today’s your lucky day.
Mila is a 3 year old internet sensation, sure to leave you with a giggle. Coming from a family of 7, the Arizona icon, got her claim to fame at the age of 2.
Her internet career, focuses on Mila as an opinionated little girl. She rants about any and everything you could think of. Sometimes, it is impossible to believe she’s just 3!
But little did we know, that it actually takes a ton of work to produce the comedic videos of Mila we love so much…


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According to Katie Stauffer, mother of Mila, making the videos is far from an easy task. Aside feeding the lines to Mila, it takes 3 whole days to film too! Even though she manages the whole family’s social media pages, Mila is the center of attraction. And of course, a few features sometimes from Mila’s twin, Emma. So naturally, it’s tough managing the youngest ones more.

Yet, the mother of five, disclosed that she actually quit her job as an escrow officer, so she could effectively administer these pages. With a whooping 3.7 million followers today, seems it was not so bad a sacrifice. 

So to the actual work involved in making Mila videos…

Usually, the first step is teaching Mila the lines. Kaitlin, Mila’s oldest sister, cooks up what Mila has to say. Then together with the help of her mum, Mila is fed these lines and she has to rehearse them until it’s  perfect. Next, it takes Katie another 5 to 15 minutes for a photoshoot. The videos themselves need three days or more to prepare.

But this is not too bad, considering that they pay off very well. Katie disclosed that they have sponsors for each photo session! Initially, Katie would share photos of her older kids, Kaitlin, Charles and Finn. All of a sudden, marketers began to reach out and now, with Mila as the focus, they make bigger bucks for these posts.

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With reference to this interview Katie gave to Fox News, the family is almost a multi-million one! So much for social media being negative huh? The Stauffers are now huge social media influencers! Plus they have lucrative deals with top brands like Duracell and Volvo.
Furthermore, British company Inkifi, estimates that the Stauffers earn close to $21,000 per Instagram post! Now who wouldn’t want to be an Influencer after reading this?

However, just as everything else, the Stauffers didn’t get this far in a day.

In the beginning (6 years ago), Katie used to post for free. Advertisers enjoyed free benefits from the family up until other influencers started to complain. To them, the Stauffers were crippling the industry with their free ads. Eventually, Katie hired a manager who also advised her to refrain from free advertisment.
It is also relevant to note the backlash Katie receives from strangers, and even fans. Every now and then, people slap her with comments that imply she’s milking off profits from her daughter. They often simply say Katie is “using” Mila.
Nevertheless, Katie insists there is nothing wrong. But it’s for them (the children). They just think that Charley and I are like, you know, buying mansions and boats and all this stuff with all this money”, Katie told Buzzfeed. “Kids act and get money for it, so what’s different?”, she added. 
She also shared plans of them opening a trust for the kids.

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