The Come up of Fitness influencers, Sophia Thiel & Anna Nystrom

Sophia Thiel is a popular Fitness Influencer from Germany. With over 1.3M followers, she’s a master of her craft. But all of a sudden, Sophia posts a photo with another influencer, and people want to know more. And this influencer, Anna Nystrom, has over 6.7M followers! Now everyone’s itching to know how Anna became Insta-famous…

First off, Sophia was not born like this. She felt overweight and decided to put in work to shed off all the excess fat. “I was often teased by other children, it hurt a lot,” says Sophia. In December 2012, the Bavarian born girl took her first  major step in fitness training.
She began dieting and working out but the results were not so encouraging at first. Yet she did not give up. “For months I worked intensively on training principles and nutrition”, she added.


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In a span of two years, Sophia (22) made a lot of progress and lost a huge chunk of weight. She’s gone through a transformation similar to that of Paula Krämer.
“During this time I have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge and put together my own optimal concept.” Today, she’s a successful fitness influencer, trainer, model and an inspiration to many young ones. Sophie has her own fitness program now and also blogs on her Youtube, offering daily tips on how to stay fit. Occasionally, she’s also on TV–with the show “Biggest Loser”, helping other overweight people shed off some pounds.

Sophia posts a photo with a ‘new’ friend and it turns out she has 6.7M followers!

In July, for World Fitness Day, all fitness icons gathered around the world gathered in Frankfurt for a health walk. Sophia posted a photo on Instagram, and at her side the blonde appeared with a friend: fitness model Anna Nyström (26). Fans began to comment and wonder who she was. Well apparently, she’s huge on IG! Anna is from Sweden and has a strong follower base of over 6.7 million!

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Why Anna Nystrom has so many followers

So the question on everyone’s lips: What is she famous for?
One reason could be the Swede’s trained body. On many photos Anna Nyström shows her curves in tight leggings or even in a bikini: belly, legs, buttocks – the whole package! Moreover, Anna Nyström gives tips for fitness exercises on YouTube. In additon, her loyal fanbase are always in her comments to ‘gas’ her up. To them, Anna is not only fit, but also beautiful – as you can see.

What brings the two together?

Here are the facts: Anna was born in Stockholm, Sophia in Bavaria. But these two ladies seem to have a connection from way back. The thing is, they both had similar success stories around the same time. Anna has been working out in the gym since 2013. At that time Anna, like Sophia in 2012, also went through a difficult time. The Swedish woman had to struggle with her diet. She started her Instagram account, mainly posting photos of landscapes or buildings. Then she gradually fell in love with her body and began to post photos of herself. Little by little, this diva built her IG empire and today she’s one of Sweden’s top Fitness influencers.


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Way to go ladies! Got any comments? Leave them below
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