Tiffany Mitchell, lifestyle blogger, defends posting her motorcycle accident

In the age of social media, anything can go public. But some are having a hard time accepting that lifestyle influencer, Tiffany Mitchell, posted images of herself in a motorcycle accident. To them, the entire thing was staged but the American influencer is denying all claims.


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Users say the whole thing looked staged

American lifestyle influencer, Tiffany Mitchell, has over 211,000 followers on Instagram. But not all her followers were impressed when the blogger put out some photos weeks ago, centered on a motor accident she was involved in.

Tiffany’s accident left her with minor injuries, but she was badly shaken up.

“I misjudged a curve, took it too fast and my bike went off the road. It slid through the grass and I hit the pavement. I had my helmet on so my head was fine, but I scraped up my left side”

However, it turns out that at the time of the incident, she had a friend documenting the whole thing, while driving alongside. And after she fell off the bike, her friend, Lindsey, kept on shooting as she lay on the road receiving treatment.

And that’s where people found problems with.

“If my friend continued to take photos while I was lying semi-unconscious in the road, I’d be furious.”

Users quickly noticed a bottle of Smartwater on Tiffany’s side, and felt the whole thing was a promotional shoot. Others said it looked like she was glamorizing the accident, following how crisp the images were.

“What a joke your little photo shoot was. To act like you had a crash with staged sh*t like smart water bottles, no road rash, your helmet perfectly sitting there without damage,” someone wrote.

“How are people commenting on this like it’s normal?” another wrote.

“Huh? You had a serious accident but people were there to take *stunning* photos? This is an insult to people who get into accidents”

Here are the images:

tiffany mitchell
Source: Instagram / tifforelie

tiffany mitchell
Source: Instagram / tifforelie
Tiffany Mitchell explains her part, says people are taking it all ‘wrong’

It only took a couple of hours for the post, which was made on July 31st, to blow out of proportion.

And Tiffany has since used an interview with BuzzFeed News and IG stories to clarify the situation.

“Nothing about this was staged. I’m sad that some people are taking it that way, but it’s just not the case,” she said to the publication.

“I didn’t know she was taking them, but later on when she showed them to me I was so grateful that she captured such an intense moment for me.”

She also denied any paid promotions for Smartwater, as people presumed.

“I would never turn a very important personal story like this into a brand campaign,” Mitchell stated, adding that “the water was given to me while I was resting.”


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Moreover, the influencer posted an IG story yesterday, where she explains further.

“It was starting to get a little bit out of control,” she told her 211,000 followers, recognizing that people seemed “very concerned” with her reasons for sharing photographs online.

“When my bike went down, my friends were immediately by my side making sure I was okay,” she recounted.

“I was laying there processing everything and didn’t know that Lindsay was taking photos. I wasn’t even thinking about it and the water could’ve been any brand.”

“Just wanted to share that moment with you guys, it’s vulnerability practise”

She even told a story, about how she lost a partner three years ago to a motor accident — to prove that the issue was sensitive to her.

“All motives for taking the photos and sharing them along with the details of the experience were good,” Tiffany Mitchell insisted.

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