Tiffany Scanlon–TV Star/Influencer, disheartened over low Insta likes

Just like other jobs, influencers largely depend on level of engagement when rating their influence. That’s why former The Bachelor star is ‘disheartened’ about hers falling. Tiffany Scanlon took to Instagram to express her lack of enthusiasm to even post anymore — because her likes keep reducing. The mental health advocate further complained that people do not value ‘meaningful’ updates anymore.


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When a mental health advocate suffers a break down

It is common knowledge that ‘fake’ is the order of the day. Yup, they attract the most attention and likes. But it becomes worrying when people take offence to that.

Ex-reality TV star Tiffany Scanlon is on that road, as she openly expressed her disappointment over how her dropping Instagram likes — indirectly attributing it to the lack of  ‘inauthentic’ posts on her profile.

“I’ve felt super disheartened by Instagram lately — a combination of an unexplained decline in engagement and the research I’ve been doing about the platform,” she began.

“I’m having a whinge but when I see posts that are of a girl in a bikini with a caption of the sun emoji ☀️ getting thousands of likes, and I try so hard to post meaningful content, I really can’t help but feeling it is pointless even bothering.”


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 “I’m also frustrated with myself for letting something so fickle as ‘likes’ even get to me”

Tiffany says she researched on the effects of ‘perfect’ social media posts

“All of the research I’ve done points to how damaging it is to see ‘perfect people’ living the ‘perfect life’ and yet that is exactly the kind of content that we encourage each other to produce because that is what receives most likes. I don’t know how to change this. I don’t have an answer”, she continued.

Scanlon added that she might have to take a break from the platform because of how she feels about it.
“I don’t know how the ‘real’ with [sic] ever overtake ‘fake’. It’s just disheartening. Makes me feel like taking a long step away from the platform”. 

The issue has ticked Tiffany off so much that her post consisted of both the ‘Instagram-friendly image’ and the real unedited one.


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Tiffany Scanlon– Reality TV Star/Influencer, disheartened over her low Insta likes

Interestingly, it looks like shes’s not alone in this feeling. Most of Tiffany’s followers have agreed with her frustrations, leaving many comments to show for it.

“In the same boat as you are. Instagram has become quite disheartening”, one person said. “I couldn’t agree more… Posting for the sake of posting is not my thing either and chasing “likes” is just begging the wrong people for approval and lead us to not being ourselves”, another said.

“I feel the same way. I can’t even break 300 followers and I feel I have nice photos. But a celebrity can take a picture of a napkin they used for lunch and get a million likes”

Some also put in a word of advice and encouragement for Tiffany Scanlon

“It’s frustrating the amount of likes and support superficial influencers get”, one began. “Yes you would get more likes if you were like them… The question is, do you want to be? Would you be able to feel fulfilled and happy with yourself and in your career knowing you were feeding into a toxic culture?”

“It can be hard to defer from the norm and suffer as a result (such as through lack of engagement) but lots of people choose to take that higher path, such as people that leave business careers to work in charity sector. There may always be a compromise but at the end of the day when you’re alone with yourself, at least you’ll like the person you are…”

“Please don’t give up. I love reading your posts. I know it’s easier said than done but try not to allow the numbers determine the worth of the content you’re putting out there”, another added.

“I think what’s more concerning is that you all seem so obsessed with likes to the point it upsets you if you don’t get as many as you’d like? Why the constant need for reassurance? “, a follower questioned.


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But it looks like the reality star cum ‘influencer’ would not be able to answer

Tiffany left clues indicating she might be taking a break from the gram.

Underneath her post she added hashtags like #disheartened, #socialmediabreak #instagrambreak #whybother.

And this isn’t the first time Tiff has felt some type of way about the industry. She once said;

“The internet is full of get rich quick schemes with click bait, false prophets trying to tell you how to get rich (or famous) in no time with no work, and with fake posts from fake influencers who make money by showing you how green their fake grass iS!”

Do you sometimes feel this way too?

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